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Coordinates 52°19′22″N 5°11′45″E / 52.32278°N 5.19583°E / 52.32278; 5.19583Coordinates: 52°19′22″N 5°11′45″E / 52.32278°N 5.19583°E / 52.32278; 5.19583
Basin countries Netherlands
Surface area 26.70 m²
Settlements Huizen

The Gooimeer (Gooi Lake) is a bordering lake in the Netherlands between the southeastern part of North Holland ('t Gooi, het Gooi) and Flevoland.

There is a railroad bridge over the narrow west side of it, between Weesp and Almere Muziekwijk, with a parallel highway A6 bridge, the Hollandse Brug. The narrow eastern border of the lake is crossed by two parallel highway A27 bridges, the Stichtse Brug.

On the south bank of Gooimeer, which used to be the IJsselmeer, before the creation of new gained polder Flevoland, ancient cities Naarden and Huizen can be found. The Naarderwoonbos, part of the Naarderbos, was built in the Eighties. It is situated directly adjacent to the southern shore of the Gooimeer.

The Gooimeer is related to the crash of El Al Flight 1862 on 4 October 1992, as the two right-hand side jet engines separated from the plane and fell into the lake, witnessed by a fishing police officer. Flight 1862 continued on for 8 minutes until it crashes into the Bijlmermeer apartment complex.

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