Lake Holiday, Virginia

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Lake Holiday
Location Frederick County, Virginia
Coordinates 39°18′40″N 78°19′28″W / 39.311182°N 78.324446°W / 39.311182; -78.324446Coordinates: 39°18′40″N 78°19′28″W / 39.311182°N 78.324446°W / 39.311182; -78.324446
Type man made dam lake
Primary inflows Isaacs Creek, Miller's Run, yeiders run
Primary outflows Isaacs Creek
Basin countries United States
Settlements Cross Junction

Lake Holiday is a man-made lake, of 249 acres. It is located north of Winchester in Frederick County, Virginia, United States. The lake flows into Isaac's Creek. The main creeks feeding the lake are Isaac's Creek and Miller's Run along with many small unnamed creeks that flow into the lake.

Lake Holiday is approximately one mile southwest of the boundary with the western border of Hampshire County, West Virginia. The postal address is Cross Junction but Lake Holiday and the surrounding community lies within unincorporated land in Frederick County. Construction on the dam began in the late 1960's and was finished early in 1972. According to history from the original builders of Lake Holiday, it took nearly 12 years for the lake to fill to capacity. Reportedly, there is a cave at the deep end of lake nearly 200 feet in depth. Also, few pieces of heavy equipment supposedly remain at the bottom of the lake. SCUBA diving is deemed unsafe and not allowed. There appears to be additional information from a second source that state the lake filled to capacity when in 1972 between June 16 and 23rd, Hurricane Agnes hit the Mid- Atlantic states, dumping approximately 19 inches of rain per hour, which caused the lake to fill in a matter of days.

A new spillway has been installed on the existing dam. The spillway was required by the US Army Corps of Engineers due to changing standards and post 9/11/01 incidents. The construction consisted of the building of a new bridge and a redesign of the down stream creek bed. The only other option was to reduce the level of the lake by 8–10 feet. The spillway project was completed in June of 2013 with a grand reopening of South Lakeview Drive (spillway road) on Memorial Day, this improvement cost the residents of the lake community over $10.5 million.

Lake Holiday has a private marina available for use by members. Slots can be rented for approximately $500.00 for the season. There are also tennis and basketball courts which are located near the club house.

In accordance with the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) prepared by Froehling & Robertson Inc. on behalf of the Lake Holiday Home Owner's Association, dated 14 June 2013, "The dam is currently classified as a High Hazard structure." The EAP includes maps of the broad areas of catastrophic inundation and potential structure damage that likely will result from dam failure, along Issac Creek and Back Creek, as distant as the B&O Railroad bridge crossing of Back Creek 45.8 miles downstream of Lake Holiday.

Do to long response times by the volunteer fire departments that currently serve the community, there is a grass roots movement trying to build and establish a Lake Holiday Fire and Rescue Department. There has been several high dollar loss fires since the opening of the community, one being the Ski Lodge located on Sleigh Drive and Soth Lake View in the 1970's. in addition to a number of drownings throughout the years. There is a safety patrol of hired armed private security with full arrest powers and limited fire and first aide training. However; a fully staffed professional fire and rescue department is most assuredly needed.