Lake Krasnoye (Chukotka)

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For other uses, see Lake Krasnoye.
Lake Krasnoye
Lake Krasnoye
Location Chukchi Peninsula, north-east Siberia
Coordinates 64°28′N 174°25′E / 64.467°N 174.417°E / 64.467; 174.417Coordinates: 64°28′N 174°25′E / 64.467°N 174.417°E / 64.467; 174.417
Primary inflows Березовая, Ламутская, Кэйвыльгильвеем, Таляйнын
Primary outflows Anadyr
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 35 km
Max. width 15 km
Surface area 458 km²
Average depth 4 m

Lake Krasnoye (Russian: озера Красное) is the biggest lake in Anadyrsky Liman, situated in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. Historically, it was referred to on maps as Lake Krasnyano (Russian: озера Красняно).[1]


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