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For the lake in the Ancash Region Region, Peru, see Lawriqucha (Ancash).
Coordinates 10°19′00″S 76°42′00″W / 10.31667°S 76.70000°W / -10.31667; -76.70000Coordinates: 10°19′00″S 76°42′00″W / 10.31667°S 76.70000°W / -10.31667; -76.70000
Basin countries Peru
Max. length 7 km
Max. width 1.4 km
Surface elevation 3,845 m

Lawriqucha (Huánuco Quechua lawri bluish,[1] Quechua qucha lake, lagoon,[2] "bluish lake", hispanicized spelling Lauricocha) is a lake in the Andes mountains of central Peru located in the Huánuco Region.


Lawriqucha at 10°19′00″S 76°42′00″W / 10.31667°S 76.70000°W / -10.31667; -76.70000 is the northernmost of the lakes fed by the Andean glaciers, 20 km east of mount Yerupajá and 190 km NNE of the Peruvian capital Lima. The lake lies at an elevation of 3,845 m in a sparsely populated area.


The east-western extension of the lake is 7,000 m, from north to south the widest extension is 1,400 m. Depth 75 m.

River system[edit]

Lawriqucha gets its water from small rivers coming down from the Rawra mountain range. The Lawriqucha River issues from the lake Lawriqucha and later joins Marañón River which is one of the headwaters of the Amazon River. For a couple of centuries, Lawriqucha had been seen as the source of the Amazon River, until in 1971 the US-American Loren McIntyre discovered the source of the Apurímac River to be the origin of the Amazon River which was confirmed by a 2001 expedition.


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