Lake Razelm

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Lake Razelm
Coordinates 44°49′36″N 28°59′05″E / 44.82667°N 28.98472°E / 44.82667; 28.98472Coordinates: 44°49′36″N 28°59′05″E / 44.82667°N 28.98472°E / 44.82667; 28.98472
Basin countries Romania
Surface area 415 km²

Lake Razelm or Lake Razim (Romanian: Lacul Razim, Lacul Razelm) is the lake and the group of the lakes on the beach of Black Sea in Romania south of the Danube Delta. It is the largest lake in Romania. It is a complex formed by a few limans and lagoons.

The group can be separated into two subgroups. The northern subgroup contains freshwater lakes Razelm and Golovița, whereas the southern group is made up of salt lakes. All these lakes cover an area of about 1000 km², 500 km² of it being the area of lake Razelm alone.

Roman fortification Layout on Razelm's Insula Bisericutei