Lakeside Mental Hospital

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Coordinates: 37°33′04″S 143°49′03″E / 37.55111°S 143.81760°E / -37.55111; 143.81760

Lakeside Mental Hospital
Location Wendouree, Victoria, Australia
Care system Public
Hospital type Psychiatric
Beds 900+
Founded 1877
Closed 1990s
Lists Hospitals in Australia
Other links List of Australian psychiatric institutions

Lakeside Mental Hospital, originally known as Ballarat Asylum,[1] later as Ballarat Hospital for the Insane and finally, before its closure, as Lakeside Psychiatric Hospital,[2] was an Australian psychiatric hospital located in the suburb of Wendouree, the north-western fringe of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

The hospital first opened in 1877 but closed again soon after.[3] A reformatory for boys also operated on the site, and some of its buildings were reused when the hospital was reopened in 1893.[4] A brick building was converted into a ward to house 30 male patients. This was extensively damaged in a fire in 1917.[4] A report in 1895 said that the patients did not have enough warm clothing, and that they were shivering during the cold Ballarat winter.[5]

The hospital at its peak employed about 600 staff and could hold 1500 patients.[3] The site was 83 hectares, of which 40 hectares was used as a farm.[3] Crops planted in 1910 included leeks, cauliflowers, onions, rhubarb, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes, celery, beetroot, peas, beans and parsnips.[6] In 1907, a Dr. Cherry reported that the patients helped to compress green fodder crops for storage by dancing jigs and reels on them to the accompaniment of a fiddle.[7]

The site is now used for the Ballarat Aquatic Centre, a number of sporting facilities, and the Lake Gardens housing estate. Some original building are still standing and have been renovated and reused.

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