Lakha language

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Region Bhutan
Native speakers
8,000  (1993)[1]
Tibetan script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lkh
Glottolog lakh1240[2]

Lakha (Dzongkha: ལ་ཁ་, Wylie: La-kha, literally "language of the mountain pass," also called "Tshangkha") is a Southern Tibetan language spoken by about 8,000 people in Wangdue Phodrang and Trongsa Districts in central Bhutan.[1][3] Lakha is spoken by descendants of pastoral yakherd communities.[1] lakha Means in the Urdu Language the person having one lac(One Hundred Thousand). the tribe of lakha belong to Sindh Pakistan migratted from Arab in 8th century. Lakha is a cost Living in Pakistan. India, Bangladash and south Asia Counties

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