Laki Mera

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Laki Mera
Laki Mera Main Choice - A.jpg
Laki Mera.
Background information
Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Electronica, Folktronica, Trip hop
Years active 2004–present
Labels Rhythm of Life
Just Music
Website Laki Mera
Members Andrea Gobbi - Programming, synths, guitars
Laura Donnelly - Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Keir Long - Programming, Synths
Past members Trev Helliwell - Cello, Synths
Tim Harbinson - Drums

Laki Mera are a three-piece electronica band, based in Glasgow, Scotland.


Formed in 2004 as a recording project by Andrea Gobbi and Laura Donnelly (formerly of God's Boyfriend), Laki Mera took their name from the Chimaera of Greek mythology. The lineup was completed with the addition of pianist Keir Long, cellist Trevor Helliwell and drummer Tim Harbinson.[1]

In December, 2007, the band announced that they would be offering their debut album, Clutter, free for download prior to its official release.[2] The album was critically well received.[3][4]

Their music has been variously described as folktronica,[5] ambient trip hop,[3] 'lush space jazz'[6] and "pristine pop chamber music of the highest quality",[7] as well as being reminiscent of Portishead[8] and Massive Attack backing Cocteau Twin Liz Fraser'.[9] They have been cited as "one of the most promising, intelligent pop acts Scotland has produced this decade."[10]


Clutter album cover

Studio albums[edit]


  • Diet of Worms (2008)
  • How Dare You Remix EP (2010)
  • Clutter EP (2010)
  • More Than You (2011)


  • How Dare You (2007)
  • More Than You (2011)
  • Fool (2011)
  • Crater (Mogwai remix) (2012)
  • Sweet Warm Dance (2013)


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