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For other uses, see Lakota (disambiguation).
Origin Queens, New York, USA
Genres Alternative Rock
Years active 2002–2006
Labels Pop Up Records, Fabtone Records (Japan)
Website [1]

Lakota was an American melodic rock band that existed from 2002 until 2006.


The group was formed in Queens, New York in 2002 by former Black Army Jacket bassist, Carlos Ramirez, when he met singer/guitarist Kayne Konecny after he auditioned for another band he was playing in. The two musicians bonded on their mutual love for mid-90s bands like Sense Field, Farside and Samiam. Konecny had been demoing some songs on his own and they started building on those ideas at his apartment before they sought out a drummer. Once they felt they had a few worthy songs, they hooked up with NJ native Benj Gleeksman on drums. After a few months with another 2nd guitarist, the band, now calling themselves Lakota, recruited Patrick Lane. Lane had been a bandmate of Konecny up in their hometown of Binghamton, New York. With the band now ready to start gigging, local drummer Jimmy Herbst joined the ranks. The band then went into Magic Shop studios in NYC to record a self-financed EP with Taking Back Sunday and Brand New producer Juan Garcia.

Meanwhile down in Florida, former Further Seems Forever guitarist Nick Dominguez had just started a label called Pop Up Records. He came across the Lakota MySpace page and fell in love with the songs. Along with his partners Jason Knapfel and Derick Cordoba (currently still in Further Seems Forever) signed the band. They re-released the five-song EP and the band hit the road touring throughout the United States in 2004. One of the tours found them opening for Further Seems Forever. The band also played the inaugural edition of Bamboozle in Ausbury Park, NJ.

In December 2004 the band flew out to Tempe, Arizona and recorded their debut album, Hope For The Haunted, with producer Jamie Woolford. The producer was the brain behind the lamented Fueled By Ramen band The Stereo. Ramirez was a huge fan and had emailed him the rough demos for the songs that would eventually land on the album. Woolford became a fan and agreed to produce the New York band. Recorded in a whirlwind six-day session, the album was released in October 2005. Alternative Press magazine tipped the band to be a breakout star for 2006. The band mounted a full US tour throughout the beginning of the year but upon arriving back home, Ramirez announced he was moving to Los Angeles. Lakota broke up shortly afterwards.

Band members[edit]

Kayne Konecny - guitars and vocals

Carlos Ramirez - bass

Patrick Lane - guitars

Jimmy Herbst - drums


Acquaintances EP - (2004)

Hope For The Haunted - (2005)

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