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Lakselva near Lakselv.jpg
View of the river
Origin Finnmarksvidda
Mouth Lakselv
Basin countries Norway
Length 103 km (64 mi)
Avg. discharge 26.93 m3/s (951 cu ft/s)
Basin area 1,539 km2 (594 sq mi)

Coordinates: 69°59′25″N 24°57′27″E / 69.9904°N 24.9574°E / 69.9904; 24.9574

Lakselva (Northern Sami: Leavdnjajohka; Kven: Lemmijoki) is a river in Finnmark county in northern Norway. It begins in Karasjok Municipality runs north through Porsanger Municipality into the Porsangerfjorden, a fjord off of the Barents Sea. The 103-kilometre (64 mi) long river runs past the village of Lakselv. The European route E06 highway runs along the river for much of its course.[1]


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