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Lalaloopsy logo.png
Type Rag doll
Company MGA Entertainment
Country United States
Availability 2010–
Slogan Sew magical - Sew cute
Official website

Lalaloopsy is an American line of plastic rag dolls from MGA Entertainment. They were originally released in 2010 as Bitty Buttons but the brand name was changed to Lalaloopsy shortly after launch. They were popular in the 2010 holiday season. A variety of large and small Lalaloopsy dolls have been released, as well as several Lalaloopsy themed video games. In 2012 and 2013 Lalaloopsy TV specials and TV series began airing on Nick Jr.


Lalaloopsy dolls from 2010, from left to right: Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, Jewel Sparkles, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Dot Starlight, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, Bea Spells-A-Lot, Peanut Big Top

On July 19, 2010, MGA Entertainment announced the launch of a line of doll toys, Bitty Buttons, featuring eight 12 -inch original rag dolls. Bitty Buttons had the tag line "Sew magical - Sew cute". Each doll character was created with a fictional theme, reflecting the day she is born, the fabric she is sewn from, and her pet. Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment, said, "Bitty Buttons was designed to teach kids that everybody is unique in their own special way. The new brand promotes the idea that old things can become new again, everything can be repurposed and nothing should ever go to waste." According to company press releases, the dolls were, "Designed to encourage a child's imagination and creativity" and "teach important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life." At release, the original eight dolls were Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, Dot Starlight, Pillow Featherbed, and Spot Splatter Splash.[1]

The dolls changed from "Bitty Buttons" to "Lalaloopsy" shortly after launch. In November 2010, the Lalaloopsy toy line won the "Large Doll" category in the People's Play Awards,[2] and was featured the next day on the American television program Live with Regis and Kelly.[3]

Lalaloopsy's original dolls were described by CBS's The Early Show in November 2010 as "the hottest toy of the season,"[4] and MSNBC referred to them as "this year’s Tickle Me Elmo".[5] The New York Post described them as, "Creating Cabbage Patch-like hysteria among Holiday shoppers."[6] On December 21, 2010 Lalaloopsy dolls were in the first spot on "Google’s Hottest Holiday Internet Searches." According to Google searches for Lalaloopsy dolls were "up 20% since the beginning of December."[7]

On February 13, 2011, the addition of three new characters: Patch Treasurechest, Blossom Flowerpot, and Tippy Tumblelina were added to the existing line of 8. It was also announced that the company would be expanding the line of toys to include new mini versions of the dolls as well as made-for-DVD feature that has been released in spring 2012.[8]

Additional mini-series were created as well as exclusive holiday-themed dolls that could only be found at certain retail stores. On June 28, 2011 three new characters: Marina Anchors, Sahara Mirage, and Misty Mysterious were added as well as additional play-sets. Development of a Nintendo DS title was also announced,[9] with the official release date being November 6, 2011. Each game came with one of four mini dolls.[10]

On November 16, 2011 MGA announced that the newly created nurse doll - Rosy Bumps ‘N’ Bruises has been donated to more than 1,000 Red Cross hospital blood drives across the country to aid in awareness.[11] The following day MGA entertainment announced the creation of 5 webisodes to be featured on Teletoon, and that future updates would be posted on the Lalaloopsy Facebook wall.[12]

In December 2011 MGA Entertainment started to advertise Lalaloopsy Micro Figurines. Each one is about 3 centimetres (1.2 in) with a head that can be removed and placed onto the other bodies.

MGA continued to add additional characters to the Lalaloopsy toy line. As of February 2012 there were over 50 characters. The main toy line includes 13-inch Dolls, the mini-series, and a variety of mini play-sets and plush dolls[13] as well as Lalaloopsy Littles, smaller siblings of the 13-inch dolls.[14]

In March 2012 a new line of mini Lalaloopsy's called "Shoppes" were announced. Their names are Cherry Crisp Crust, Jelly Wiggle Jiggle, Bun Bun Sticky Icing, and Scoops Waffle Cone. A new mini doll, Sprouts Sunshine, was released through Target in the spring of 2012

List of Lalaloopsy dolls[edit]

  1. Pillow Featherbed - Sewn on: January 3 (Festival of Sleep Day); a sleepyhead who would often daydream
    Pet: Sheep
  2. Crumbs Sugar Cookie - Sewn on: December 4 (National Cookie Day); a very polite baker who loves making treats
    Pet: Mouse
  3. Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff - Sewn on: December 21 (First Day of Winter); a great skier who loves playing in the snow
    Pet: Polar Bear
  4. Peanut Big Top - Sewn on: April 1 (April Fool's Day); a funny circus girl who loves to do tricks
    Pet: Elephant
  5. Spot Splatter Splash - Sewn on: October 25 (International Artist Day, also Picasso's B-day); a talented artist and painter who loves messes
    Pet: Zebra
  6. Jewel Sparkles - Sewn on: March 13 (Jewel Day); a princess at heart who loves sparkles and dancing
    Pet: Persian Cat
  7. Dot Starlight - Sewn on: July 20 (First Man on the Moon); a scientist who loves to dream about space
    Pet: Bird
  8. Bea Spells-A-Lot - Sewn on: October 16 (Dictionary Day); a very smart girl who loves to read and write
    Pet: Owl
  9. Blossom Flowerpot - Sewn on: April 22 (Earth Day); a patient girl who loves digging and planting
    Pet: Butterfly
  10. Tippy Tumbelina - Sewn on: February 2 (Two-Two [sounds like Tutu]/Tutu Day); a ballerina who loves performing onstage
    Pet: Swan
  11. Sunny Side Up - Sewn on: October 12 (Old Farmers Day); the older twin of Berry who loves caring for animals
    Pet: Chick
  12. Berry Jars 'n' Jam - Sewn on: October 12 (Old Farmers Day); the younger twin of Sunny who loves making breakfast
    Pet: Cow
  13. Patch Treasurechest - Sewn on: September 19 (Talk Like a Pirate Day); a pirate at heart who loves collecting treasure
    Pet: Parrot
  14. Sahara Mirage - Sewn on: January 13 (Make Your Dream Come True Day); a real charmer who loves to grant wishes
    Pet: Camel
  15. Marina Anchors - Sewn on: June 8 (World Ocean Day); a sailor at heart who loves the seas and oceans
    Pet: Whale
  16. Misty Mysterious - Sewn on: March 24 (Houdini's Birthday); a magician who enjoys doing magic tricks
    Pet: Rabbit
  17. Pepper Pots 'n' Pans - Sewn on: June 17 (Eat Your Vegetables Day); a great chef who enjoys cooking
    Pet: Piggy
  18. Ace Fender Bender - Sewn on: July 30 (Henry Ford's Birthday); an engineer who excels at making and fixing things
    Pet: Monkey
  19. Sir Battlescarred - Sewn on: May 29 (The End of the Middle Ages); a brave knight who loves play fighting
    Pet: Dragon
  20. Lady Stillwaiting - Sewn on: February 26 (Tell a Fairytale Day); an artistic maiden who loves poetry
    Pet: Unicorn
  21. Peppy Pom Poms - Sewn on: September 9 (National School Spirit Day); a cheerleader who loves spreading cheers
    Pet: Pomeranian
  22. Swirly Figure Eight - Sewn on: January 20 (World Penguin Day); a talented ice skater who loves to spin
    Pet: Penguin
  23. Suzette La Sweet - Sewn on: December 9 (National Pastry Day); a very beautiful and ladylike duchess
    Pet: Poodle Dog
  24. Holly Sleighbells - Sewn on: December 1 (National Mistletoe Day); a very helpful girl who loves the joy of Christmas
    Pet: Reindeer
  25. Rosy Bumps 'n' Bruises - Sewn on: May 12 (International Nurses Day); a nurse cares a lot about the safety of others
    Pet: Bear
  26. Ember Flicker Flame - Sewn on: May 4 (International Firefighters Day); a firefighter and go-to girl for help
    Pet: Dalmatian
  27. Prairie Dusty Trails - Sewn on: August 13 (Annie Oakley's Birthday); a rowdy cowgirl who loves to giddy up and go
    Pet: Cactus
  28. Pix E. Flutters - Sewn on: June 24 (Fairy Day); a fairy who loves to fly, fly, fly
    Pet: Firefly
  29. Forest Evergreen - Sewn on: September 26 (Lumberjack Day); a lumberjack who loves to climb up trees
    Pet: Beaver
  30. Coral Sea Shells - Sewn on: March 22 (World Water Day); a girl and mermaid who loves and enjoys summer
    Pet: Blowfish
  31. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles - Sewn on: June 11 (National Hug Day); loves to give romantic notes and eat candy
    Pet: Chocolate Dog
  32. Charlotte Charades - Sewn on: April 14 (International Moment of Laughter Day); a mime who cannot talk who loves to make others laugh
    Pet: Invisible Dog
  33. Mango Tiki Wiki - Sewn on: May 2 (Play Your Ukulele Day); a Hawaiian girl who loves crafts, sunshine and wearing a Bellyshirt when reveals her Invisible Bellybutton
    Pet: Pineapple Bird
  34. Feather Tell-A-Tale - Sewn on: April 27 (Tell a Story Day); a Native American who loves telling long stories
    Pet: Totem Pole Bear
  35. Cinder Slippers - Sewn on: September 5 (Be Late for Something Day); a big version of the Cinderella mini doll who loves being fancy
    Pet: Mouse
  36. Harmony B. Sharp - Sewn on: March 27 (International Theater Day); can talk, sing and dance; a performer who loves being up on stage
    Pet: Cat
  37. Scarlet Riding Hood - Sewn on: May 18 (Visit Your Relatives Day); a big version of the Little Red Riding Hood mini doll who loves visiting her grandma's
    Pet: Wolf
  38. Pickles B.L.T. - Sewn on: May 21 (National Waiter and Waitress Day); serves food on skates; a waitress who loves to chew gum and call others "Sugar"
    Pet: Hot Dog
  39. Dyna Might - Sewn on: April 28 (National Superhero Day); a superhero who loves saving people
    Pet: Raccoon
  40. Kat Jungle Roar - Sewn on: October 29 (National Wildlife Day); a frisky and ferocious girl who loves going on safari
    Pet: Lion
  41. Snowy Fairest - Sewn on: December 1 (Eat a Red Apple Day); a big version of the Snow White mini doll who loves apples
    Pet: Squirrel
  42. Ivory Ice Crystals - Sewn on: February 27 (Polar Bear Day); loves to make ice jewelry
    Pet: Bear
  43. Scoops Waffle Cone - Sewn on: July 19 (National Ice Cream Day); made from a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream and loves variety
    Pet: Ice Cream Cone Cat
  44. Alice in Lalaloopsyland - Sewn on: June 12 (Red Rose Day); a big version of the Alice in Wonderland mini doll who loves croquet
    Pet: White Rabbit
  45. Sand E. Starfish - Sewn on: June 24 (Swim a Lap Day); a shy mermaid who loves to swim
    Pet: Blowfish
  46. Cloud E. Sky - Sewn on: August 22 (National Be an Angel Day); an angel made from clouds who loves to laugh
    Pet: Poodle
  47. April Sunsplash - Sewn on: April 3 (National Find a Rainbow Day); made from a rainbow umbrella, loves springtime
    Pet: Toucan
  48. Mint E. Stripes - Sewn on: December 26 (National Candy Cane Day); made from a candy wrapper, loves spinning in circles
    Pet: Tiger
  49. Confetti Carnivale - Sewn on: September 21 (Dress Up Day); made from a masked ball gown, loves to stay up late
    Pet: Cat
  50. Teddy Honey Pots - Sewn on: July 10 (Don't Step on a Bee Day/Teddy Bears' Picnic Day); made from a teddy bear, loves honey
    Pet: Honey Bee
  51. Haley Galaxy - Sewn on: February 12 (Extraterrestrial Visitor Day); an alien made from an unidentified shiny object, loves making wishes on stars
    Pet: Alien
  52. Scraps Stitched 'n' Sewn - Sewn on: August 30 (Mary Shelley's Birthday); sewn from scraps of lightning, loves to be nice to others
    Pet: Lab (dog)
  53. Goldie Luxe - Sewn on: February 5 (The Day the Largest Gold Nugget Ever Was Found); has a heart of gold, loves anything golden
    Pet: Peacock
  54. Peggy Seven Seas - Sewn on: September 20 (The Day Ferdinand Magellan Set Sail); an adventurous pirate girl, loves treasure
    Pet: Parrot
  55. Winter Snowflake - Sewn on: January 18 (World Snowman Day); loves the cold weather
    Pet: Husky
  56. Little Bah Peep - Sewn on: February 20 (Love Your Pet Day); a big version of the Little Bo Peep mini doll, loves animals
    Pet: Toy Sheep
  57. Mari Golden Petals - Sewn on: October 1 (Calendula - birth flower of October); based off a marigold flower, loves parties
    Pet: Ladybug
  58. Yuki Kimono - Sewn on: March 27 (Cherry Blossom Festival); a giggly geisha, loves origami and tea
    Pet: Kimono Kitty
  59. Cherry Crisp Crust - Sewn on: February 20 (National Cherry Pie Day); warm and comforting, loves to bake pies
    Pet: Blackbird (reference to the song "Sing a Song of Sixpence")
  60. Smile E. Wishes - Sewn on: February 28 (National Tooth Fairy Day); a super-giving tooth fairy, loves to smile
    Pet: Pink Mouse
  61. Candle Slice O' Cake - Sewn on: (Your Birthday); Lalaloopsy Land's birthday party enthusiast, loves to throw surprise birthday parties
    Pet: Pug
  62. Frost I.C. Cone - Sewn on: September 22 (National Ice Cream Cone Day); Lalaloopsy Land's iciest resident, loves to make frozen treats
    Pet: Rabbit
  63. Star Magic Spells - Sewn on: July 20 (Moon Day); Lalaloopsy Land's resident sorceress, loves to cast magic spells
    Pet: Dragon
  64. Rosebud Longstem - Sewn on: January 1 (Day of the Rose Parade); based off a rose, loves to look her best
    Pet: Butterfly
  65. Squiggles N' Shapes - Sewn on: January 31 (Inspire Your Heart with Art Day); created by Spot with clay, when she tries to be someone she paints her clothes and her hair.
    Pet: Butterfly
  66. Trace E. Doodles - Sewn on: June 7 (Drawing Day); created by Spot with chalk, loves to draw anything wild with pieces of chalk that she imagine with her friends.
    Pet: Zebra
  67. Sweetie Candy Ribbon - Sewn on: May 23 (National Taffy Day); she has a real sweet tooth and her favorite candy is fruit flavored taffy. She loves to stretch it long and thin so all her friends can have a piece.
    Pet: Dog
  68. Toasty Sweet Fluff - Sewn on: August 10 (National S'mores Day); she's a light-hearted softy who's always got a bounce in her step; loves poofy dresses, baby animals, and big hugs.
    Pet: Rabbit
  69. Queenie Red Hearts - Sewn on: September 28 (World Heart Day); loves inviting her friends over for a royal game of croquet and also likes to play Solitaire. Although usually kind, she can sometimes lose her temper.
    Pet: Flamingo
  70. Furry Grrs-A-Lot - Sewn on: July 27 (International Monster Day); loves to stomp around and practice her really loud "Grrrrr!" sound but can occasionally scare herself.
    Pet: Furry monster
  71. Dotty Gale Winds - Sewn on: January 9th; loves windy days and long walks on yellow brick roads
    Pet: Black Poodle
  72. Dazzle 'N' Gleam - Sewn on: July 1 (Ruby Birthstone Month); made from a ruby. Very sweet and has many friends. Her hobby is collecting anything heart-shaped.
    Pet: Swan
  73. Bijou Treasure Trove - Sewn on: September 1 (Sapphire Birthstone month); wise and super smart, she is always eager to learn more.
    Pet: Dog
  74. Charms Seven Carat - Sewn on: February 1 (Amethyst Birthstone Month); although not born into royalty, she likes to pretend that she was. She is really good at doing a royal curtsy and spends time polishing her majestic tiaras and earrings.
    Pet: Butterfly
  75. Clarity Glitter Gazer - Sewn on: May 1 (Emerald Birthstone month); possesses the ability to see into the near future. She always knows exactly what her friends are thinking, but likes to keep it secret so she can surprise them by finishing their sentences.
    Pet: Unicorn

List of Lalaloopsy Littles dolls[edit]

  1. Squirt Lil Top - Sewn on: January 19 (National Popcorn Day); Peanut Big Top's sister, a show-off
    Pet: Peanut
  2. Specs Reads-A-Lot - Sewn on: March 14 (Pi Day/Albert Einstein's Birthday); Bea Spells-a-lot's sister, loves getting gold stars and counting
    Pet: Book Worm
  3. Bundles Snuggles Stuff - Sewn on: January 6 (Cuddle Up Day); Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff's sister, loves to play in the snow
    Pet: Bear
  4. Sprinkle Spice Cookie - Sewn on: May 15 (National Chocolate Chip Day); Crumbs Sugar Cookie's sister, always hungry
    Pet: Mouse
  5. Scribbles Splash - Sewn on: January 28 (Jackson Pollock's Birthday); Spot Splatter Splash's sister, very creative
    Pet: Giraffe
  6. Trinket Sparkles - Sewn on: May 24 (Wear a Tiara Day); Jewel Sparkles' sister, loves jewels and glittery objects
    Pet: Kitten
  7. Pita Mirage - Sewn on: August 11 (Play in the Sand Day); Sahara Mirage's sister, loves to play the flute
    Pet: Snake
  8. Matey Anchors - Sewn on: July 1 (National Boating Day); Marina Anchors' brother, loves sailing paper boats
    Pet: Crab
  9. Blanket Featherbed - Sewn on: October 23 (Stay Up Late Day); Pillow Featherbed's sister, a night owl, loves to snore
    Pet: Lamb
  10. Twinkle N Flutters - Sewn on: February 2 (Sneeze Day); Pix E. Flutters' sister, mischievous and sneezes out pixie dust, loves to play, play, play
    Pet: Firefly
  11. Tricky Mysterious - Sewn on: February 29 (Leap Day); Misty Mysterious's sister, loves to do magic tricks and help her sister
    Pet: Carrot
  12. Trouble Dusty Trails - Sewn on: May 1 (Law Day); Prairie Dusty Trails' sister, loves to make rules
    Pet: Horse
  13. Red Fiery Flame - Sewn on: October 11 (National It's My Party Day); Ember Flicker Flame's sister, loves blowing out candles on birthday cake
    Pet: Chili Pepper
  14. Petal Flowerpot - Sewn on: May 30 (Water a Flower Day); Blossom Flowerpot's sister, impatient, loves mud
    Pet: Snail
  15. Stumbles Bumps N Bruises - Sewn on: February 7 (Love Your Patients Day); Rosy Bumps 'n' Bruises' sister, an interactive doll that comes with a stethoscope and several other doctor's tools
    Pet: Teddy Bear
  16. Sherri Charades - Sewn on: January 7 (Old Rock Day and Silly Walk Day); Charlotte Charades' sister, loves invisible sandwiches
    Pet: Croissant
  17. Whiskers Lion's Roar - Sewn on: September 4 (National Cat Day); Kat Jungle Roar's sister, loves to act fierce
    Pet: Cub
  18. Kiwi Tiki Wiki - Sewn on: September 2 (World Coconut Day); Mango Tiki Wiki's sister, loves to do the hula
    Pet: Coconut
  19. Twisty Tumblelina - Sewn on: February 7 (Ballet Day); Tippy Tumblelina's sister, loves ballet
    Pet: Duck
  20. Tiny Might - Sewn on: September 25 (National Comic Book Day); Dyna Might's sister, tiny superhero
    Pet: Hedgehog
  21. Twirly Figure Eight - Sewn on: February 1 (First Day of National Ice Skating Month); Swirly Figure Eight sister, loves to skate
    Pet: Seal
  22. Mimi La Sweet - Sewn on: October 14 (National Dessert Day); Suzette La Sweet's sister, pampered
    Pet: Pupcake
  23. Spoons Waffle Cone - Sewn on: July 23 (Ice Cream Cone Day); Scoops Waffle Cone's sister, loves everything with sprinkles
    Pet: Ice Cream Kitten
  24. Cape Riding Hood - Sewn on: February 7 (Wear Red Day); Scarlet Riding Hood's sister, Loves to take long walks in the woods. Sometimes she'll find the perfect spot to roll out her blankie and have a perfect little picnic.
    Pet: Kitten
  25. Bow Bah Peep - Sewn on: April 10 (National Farm Animals Day); Little Bah Peep's sister, loves baby animals and when it's time for bed, her favorite thing to do is close her eyes and count little baby sheep as they jump over a white fence until she falls fast asleep
    Pet: Sheep
  26. Ribbon Slippers - Sewn on: May 10 (Stay Up All Night Day); Cinder Slippers' sister, loves to try and stay up past midnight. Her favorite thing to do is walk through the pumpkin patch looking for the biggest pumpkin so she can pretend it's her royal coach that she'll ride to the princesses ball.
    Pet: Pumpkin
  27. Beauty Fairest - Sewn on: July 3 (Compliment Your Mirror Day); Snowy Fairest's sister, likes to look pretty and she'll spend hours in the mirror making sure her hair is just right. But sometimes a gentle wind will blow a curl out of place and she's back to the mirror for a quick fix.
    Pet: Apple with a bite taken out of it


In November 2013, a new line was launched called "Lalaloopsy Babies" and are the baby versions of some of the full-sized Lalaloopsies. These include:

  1. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  2. Pillow Featherbed
  3. Jewel Sparkles
  4. Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff

Also, Bea, Peanut, Tippy, Scoops, Berry, Sunny, Blossom, Cinder, Spot, Rosy And Misty babies are confirmed to be in a possible Series 2. Dot is possible but due to unpopularity, it may be Misty Mysterious, Pickles B.L.T or another girl


In July 2014, a new line was launched "Lalaloopsy Girls" and are the teenage version of some of the full-sized Lalaloopsy. These include:

  1. Pix E. Flutters (she has the same dorm room as Jewel and Along with her PJs).
  2. Bea Spells-A-Lot (NOTE: She is the only Lalaloopsy Girl with Glasses and she has the same dorm room as Dot and Along with her PJs).
  3. Jewel Sparkles (she has the same dorm room as Pix E. and Along with her PJs).
  4. Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff (she has the same dorm room as Dyna and Along with her PJs).
  5. Cloud E. Sky (she has the same dorm room as Storm E.).
  6. Storm E. Sky (she has the same dorm room as Cloud E.).
  7. Spot Splatter Splash (she has the same dorm room as Crumbs)
  8. Crumbs Sugar Cookie (she has the same dorm room as Spot)
  9. Dot Starlight (she has the same dorm room as Bea and Along with her PJs).
  10. Tippy Tumbelina (she has the same dorm room as Suzette).
  11. Suzette La Sweet (she has the same dorm room as Tippy).
  12. Blossom Flowerpot (NOTE: She is the only Lalaloopsy Girl with Green Shorts and she has the same dorm room as April).
  13. April Sunsplash (she has the same dorm room as Blossom).
  14. Dyna Might (NOTE: She is the only Lalaloopsy with her Short-sleeved T-shirt on and she has the same dorm room as Mittens and Along with her PJs).
  15. Peanut Big Top (she has the same dorm room as Pillow)
  16. Pillow Featherbed (NOTE:she has the same dorm room as Peanut)

Cinder, Confetti, Scoops, and Peppy girls are now confirmed at Wave 3.


In 2012, a spin-off was made, called Lala-Oopsies. The spin-off includes a new land (The land of Lala-Oopsies, unofficially Lala-Oopsie Land), Princess Ballerinas, Fairies, Mermaids, and Ponies. As of 2014, no new Oopsies are being made.

  1. Princess Anise - Princess of Knickknacks
  2. Princess Saffron - Princess of Hugs
  3. Princess Nutmeg - Princess of Silly
  4. Princess Juniper - Princess Know-How
  5. Princess Lavender - Princess of Splashes
  6. Fairy Fern
  7. Fairy Lilac
  8. Fairy Daffodil
  9. Fairy Tulip
  10. Mermaid Water Lily
  11. Mermaid Opal
  12. Mermaid Gilly
  13. Mermaid Fin
  14. Mermaid Kelp
  15. Mermaid Tadpole


In March 2012, Nick Jr. broadcast the movie special "Adventures in Lalaloopsy™ Land: The Search for Pillow.". A few months after airing, Nick Jr. aired more Lalaloopsy movie specials, along with a Lala-Oopsies special. In March 2013, Lalaloopsy premiered on Nickelodeon. Shortly after the show's premiere, the rest of the series was "burned off" to sister channel Nick Jr.

Episodes List[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  1. Batter Up! (pilot) - Berry and all of her other friends try to break the record of tallest stack of pancakes ever. At the same time, Forest and his pet beaver tap trees for syrup.
  2. Princess Parade - Jewel and Tippy host a princess party and teach their friends how to be princesses. Then Jewel and Tippy go to Crumbs' house to make giant dessert-themed parade floats so that they can show off their tiaras and new princess skills.
  3. Spotitis - Rosy has to find a cure for a mysterious ailment that spreads through Lalaloopsy Land that covers everyone in colorful spots. Also, Peanut teaches her pet elephant to walk on stilts.
  4. Dot's Moon Mission - Dot wants to go to the moon but her rocket ship breaks down. Seeing how disappointed she is, her friends build her the moon in Lalaloopsy Land.
  5. The Big Sheep Sleep - Pillow has trouble napping so she borrow's Little Bah Peep's sheep to count. But with so many sheep in her house, things get silly! Pillow and her friends must collect the sheep that are running away before Little Bah Peep finds out.
  6. March of the April Fools - It's April Fool's Day and Peanut tries to prank all of her friends in one day. Jewel, who does not like Peanut's pranks because she always gets messy, hires Spot to spy on Peanut so that she can be prepared for any mess that comes her way. Misty works on her magic trick.
  7. Saved by the Gift - Spot gives Jewel an art piece, but Jewel isn't very fond of it. So, she attempts to give it away to her friends. But the art piece comes in handy when Marina gets lost at sea.
  8. In A Jam - A cold front comes and tries to freeze Berry's berry crop and Mittens becomes snowed in. Ace rescues Mittens with the help of Sunny.
  9. Flight Plan - Pix E is chosen the "shooting star" of Jewel's sparkle and shine party. Problem is, she is afraid of heights so she takes lessons. At the same time, Mouse wants to help Crumbs bake cupcakes for the party, but he is not very skilled. Yum!
  10. Tower of Treasure - Marina surprises Patch by cleaning his house, but she accidentally tosses his lucky shovel away. So, Marina and him go on a treasure hunt to find it. Also, Dot and Bea fly kites.
  11. Pickles Delivers - Pickles can't make her biggest delivery ever because she twisted her ankle. Three of the pets help her deliver the 50 pickle burgers to the Air show.
  12. A Tree Grows in Lalaloopsyland - After Blossom grows a marshmellow tree for Sprinkles, the other littles want to grow their own trees, but she known not anything that grows. Peanut teaches Squirt to perform her exstramagaza.
  13. Ace in the Hole- Tippy hires Ace to improve upon her gramophone for her big ballet recital. Ace borrows parts from his other friends' things to fix it. But all of the devices end up doing silly things. At the same time, during the hottest day of the year, Ember and her pet Dalmatian spread water through Lalaloopsy Land to cool everyone and everything down.
  14. A Hobby For Bea - Bea finds out that she doesn't have a hobby! So, with the help of Spot, she tries everyone else's hobbies to find out the one thing she's really good at. In the meantime, the cocoa mug on top of Mittens' house has toppled over and cocoa is leaking through her roof.
  15. Dyna-mic Duo - Dyna Might finds out that she doesn't have a sidekick! She auditions her friends in Lalaloopsy Land to find the perfect partner. Meanwhile, Jewel preps Cat for her big sidekick audition and goes a little overboard.
  16. A Little Goes A Long Way - Jewel babysits some of the Littles while Mittens teaches Spot and Peanut how to ride a sled.
  17. Rosy's Day Off - Noticing that Rosy works so hard to take care of everyone else, Blossom, Spot and Peanut take Rosy on a relaxing nature walk for her day off. At the same time, Charlotte's Invisible Pet goes missing and Crumbs tries to help her find it.
  18. Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land - Pillow catches her little sister Blanket Featherbed sleepwalking, so she comes up with ways to help her get back in bed. Bea is preparing for a school day with the Littles and practices with the pets.
  19. Don't Fence Me In - Spot does some artwork on Sunny's fence. But her friends do not understand Spot's interpretive way of seeing her friends and ask her to do a straightforward portrait of each of them. Peanut and Elephant rehearse for a water act using their cannon.
  20. Blossom's Rare Plant - Blossom finds a rare "Unadia" plant that lives only for one day, but it won't bloom. So, she recruits her friends to help her. Peanut is practicing a new act called The Swinging Flinging Ring which requires a partner, but every time she gets a volunteer, they end up needing to help Blossom with her Unadia plant instead.
  21. Now You See Him, Now You Don't - Misty Mysterious's magic trick goes wrong and her pet disappears. Rabbit must find the redball for misty's magic trick all over lalaloopsyland. Jewel try make Specs birthday cake more fancy but the ball keeps breaking the layers.
  22. Dot and the Starcatcher - Dot Starlight works to catch a falling star but, once she has it, realizes she wants to share its beautify with everyone else. With her friends' help, she sends it back up to the sky where everyone can enjoy its glow. Berry gets sick with a cold and is unable to go on her annual camping trip with Sunny. Jewel steps in for Berry, but she has a hard time figuring out how to "rough it."
  23. Stuck On You - Misty has a new trick and volunteers Forest and Jewel's for it. But when Jewel and Forest's hands get stuck together inside of Misty's magical box, they must find a way to work together in order to come apart. Crumbs tries to make pretzels for Jewel's Princess Ball.
  24. Holly's Joyful Holiday Note: Christmas Special - when Holly Sleighbells see there is no snow on Joyful holiday, Holly must find a fast way to deliver all her gifts to her friends by herself.
  25. Criss Cross Crisis - Everyone's roles in the Button Harvest Festival get mixed up when cat accidentally mix up the tin-canphone wires. Jewel have to get the golden button when she accidentally rolls to the pond.
  26. Mablenut Muffin Mission - It's Sunny's birthday, and Berry wants Crumbs to get a rare ingredient for her muffins to surprise Sunny.

Season 2[edit]

  1. (27) Jewel's Jewel Chest - Jewel, Marina and Patch head out on a sea voyage to retrieve Jewel's jewel chest. Dot and Peanut fly in the hot air balloon to find the perfect spot to place a windsock in order to observe an oncoming windstorm.
  2. (28) Balancing Act - Peanut gives Rosy a bike, but Rosy must overcome her fear of riding it. Peanut and Prairie work together to create a circus rodeo while Elephant and Cactus take a ride her the hot air balloon.
  3. (29) Nighty Knight - Sir Battlescarred needs to find the Fear-Fighting Amulet in the Cave of Impenetrable Darkness in order to get rid of his fears. In the meantime, Jewel searches all over Lalaloopsy Land for a unique necklace to wear for a portrait that Spot will paint.
  4. (30) Life of the Parties - Mari Golden Petals goes overboard with her plans for Pillow's, Mittens' and Prairie's parties…when she realizes that she's planned them all on the same day! Ace and Peanut try to have a go-cart race using food and condiments as fuel.
  5. (31) By the Book - Bea tries to reenact a Wild West adventure she read about in a book.
  6. (32) Princess Spaghetti Day - Spot and Pepper decide to have a Spaghetti Day. Spot invites Jewel, but Jewel is preparing for a visit from the Suzette La Sweet.
  7. (33) Wishful Thinking - Candle celebrates her birthday every day, and she likes to share them with everyone else. When she's unable to guess Dot's birthday wish, Candle tries hard to make it the best birthday ever. And when Dyna loses her birthday gift from Candle, Ace helps her find it by making some improvements to her goggles.
  8. (34) Misty's Magic Hero - Misty tries to find a new magic trick for Jewel's Princess Jamboree from her magic hero, Star Magic Spells. The Princess Club elections are here and, for the first time ever, Jewel is running against an opponent, Suzette. And Tippy must choose between her two best friends to be elected as president of the club.
  9. (35) Spot's New Masterpiece - Spot sculpts a sculpture out of white clay, and she comes to life and names her Squiggles, who tries to be exactly like her new friends so they will like her. Forest tries to tap this untapable tree to get syrup.
  10. (36) Spot Draws the Line - Spot draws a new masterpiece out of chalk named Trace E. Doodles and she invites Spot and zebra to her Chalk Land. But when the water washes the door to Lalaloopsy Land, Spot has to find the way to go back home. Bea tries to direct a play with Patch and Peggy, but their arguing causes the play to fall apart.
  11. (37) Trunk Show - When Peanut loses her voice and can't help elephant do his tightrope act in his show, she asks Pillow to be the new ringmaster. Marina teaches Whale how to tie a knot for a big boat trip with Rosy and Jewel.
  12. (38) Mango's Mainland Holiday - Patch found a message in a coconut. It leads to an island and he meets Mango Tiki Wiki and her pet pineapple bird. He invites her to Lalaloopsy Land to meet her new friends, but they all act mean to her. Bea tries to have a relaxing picnic day for herself.
  13. (39) Knick Knack Knock Knock - Note: Halloween special Specs searches for a Ghost Dog and Bea follows her into a scary house, where they meet the shy Scraps Stitched 'n Sewn.
  14. (40) The Case of the Missing Pickles - When Pickles discovers that all her pickles are gone on the day of the pickle pudding premiere, she and Hot Dog most play detective to find out who stole the pickles. Tippy and Ember work on safety precautions.
  15. (41) So Near Yet So Far - Dot and her friends meet a friend from space named Haley Galaxy and her pet alien and they need their help getting back home. Ace tries have a fun playdate for his monkey and his friends.
  16. (42) Eight Legged Friend - Jewel has to take care of a spider for a week and be friends with her, but Cat feels left out that jewel like her. Forest takes Trinket, Specs, and Scribbles to a timber ranger camp out.
  17. (43) Belly Laugh - Forest's stomach begins to giggle, so Rosy moves in with him to find a cure, but she acts really annoying. Peanut thinks that Elephant is laughing at what she does, so she creates an act about it.
  18. (44) Cherry On Top - Crumbs gets upset when she discovers that Blossom hired another child to bake a cake for her birthday -- Cherry Crisp Crust. Blossom has to rid the weeds for her earth day birthday party.
  19. (45) Winter's Wonderful Ice and Snow Show - Winter invites Spot, Pickles, and Mittens to ice skate in her ice and snow show.


  1. Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show - Peanut and her friends help get Peanut's pony friend, Checkers, and her friends get to the big show.
  2. Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps - Jewel, Peanut, Crumbs, Mittens, Pillow and Bea remember how they become friends and how they met their pets when they were babies.
  3. Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep School - A group of teenagers attend classes, join clubs and make friends while attending the Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts.


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