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Lalamusa - لالہ موسیٰ
Lalamusa - لالہ موسیٰ is located in Pakistan
Lalamusa - لالہ موسیٰ
Lalamusa - لالہ موسیٰ
Coordinates: 32°42′04″N 73°57′38″E / 32.7012°N 73.9605°E / 32.7012; 73.9605Coordinates: 32°42′04″N 73°57′38″E / 32.7012°N 73.9605°E / 32.7012; 73.9605
Country Pakistan Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujrat

Lalamusa (Urdu: لالہ موسیٰ ‎) is city in Gujrat District, Punjab province of Pakistan.


It is located 143 kilometres (89 mi) away from Islamabad and 139 kilometres (86 mi) away from Lahore. It is midway city between Lahore and Islamabad on Grand Trunck Road. Postal code of Lalamusa is 50200. The neighboring towns are Gujrat, Kharian and Karnana.


In 997 CE, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, took over the Ghaznavid dynasty empire established by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, In 1005 he conquered the Shahis in Kabul in 1005, and followed it by the conquests of Punjab region. The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region. The Punjab region became predominantly Muslim due to missionary Sufi saints whose dargahs dot the landscape of Punjab.

After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Sikh Empire invaded and occupied Mansehra District. The Muslims faced restrictions during the Sikh rule.[citation needed] During the period of British rule, Mansehra District increased in population and importance.

The city was named after a person named Musa, (the word Lala means "elder brother").[citation needed] People of Lalamusa have rich history. Till 1880, Lalamusa was a village only, now called Purana [old]Lalamusa. Other nearby villages were Paswal, Kotla Qasim, Thurgla, Khawas Pur Miana Chack and Budo Kalas Kazian, Kulewal, Dhama, Bosal, Sadiqabad, Verowal, Gakhri, Miana Chak,. In 1887, British government of India constructed a railway junction at a deserted area but this installation played a key role in the development of this region. Several English families settled in railway colony Lalamusa. There is still an old English graveyard near railway station of Lalamusa.

The predominantly Muslim population supported Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslims refugees from India settled down in the Mansehra District. People of Lalamusa are right to be proud of welcoming the Muslim refugees from Indian side. Hospitality of Lalamusains is excellent. They are now the back bone of Lalamusa.

After independence, villages like Saida Gol, Dhama,Kaira, Verowal, Khawas Pur, Kazian,Budo Kalas and some others became part of Lalamusa City. Dozens of villages and towns are directly linked with Lalamusa. Bhimbher Stream flows in the north of Lalamusa.

Lala Musa was a historical town before independence but now it has become a city of about 300,000 people. People of Lalamusa are known to be very hardworking and intelligent. A lot of people are working overseas and many of them have settled abroad with their families. Different political parties are very active in this city. Kaira family and Sadat family are main political actors. But in elections of 2013 both have lost their position. Chaudry Jaffer Iqbal (Fateh Bhand) and Ashraf Deona have become national and provincial representatives in respective assemblies.

This city's prominent food places are Malik Fruit Chat, Mian G Falooda , Corner Samosa shop and Gama Naan Tiki. In sweets, there is one prominent name "Ashrafi Sweets" A.K.A "Noona Halwai" . Noona Halwai Shop is famous for sweet called "Barfi" People often send Barfi to their relatives overseas..


Lalamusa Junction Railway station

The main railway line of Pakistan Railways passes through Lalamusa, linking Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi. Lalamusa railway station is the junction for Lalamusa-Shorkot-Khanewal branch railway line which passes through Mandi Bahauddin, Malakwal, Sargodha and Jhang. The Lahore–Islamabad GT Road also passes through Lalamusa. Lalamusa is directly linked with other parts of district Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin and Bhimber AJK.Lalamusa is linked with Azad Jamun and Kashmir by Defence road Network via Gulyana, Kotla to Bhimber. Another road connects Lalamusa with Daulat Nagar. A road links lalamusa with Dinga. A couple of years ago, Lalamusa was linked by road of a standard highway from Ganja to Sarghodha road. Bhimber stream is in north of Lalamusa. Road links of lalamusa are very effective in transporting goods. There are many transport services providers in lalamusa, some big goods transporters providing services who transfer from big ciities to lalamusa are also available such as All Pakistan Goods Transport [1]

Pir Naimat Ullah Chishti, a Sufi saint from Lalamusa who died on 24 November 1978.


Lalamusa has the following educational institutions:

  • Al Badar School System Lalamusa (Director: Zahid Iqbal Choudhary)
  • LINC School System Lalamusa
  • Government College For Elementary Teacher
  • Government College for Elementary Teachers (women)
  • Government I.D Janjua Girls Degree College
  • Government Boys Degree College Kotla Qasim
  • Punjab Local Government Training Academy
  • Government Islamia High School Lalamusa
  • New Angelo School
  • Government high schools are Model School, Pakistan High School, Ghosia School, M.B Girls High School, Shamim Girls and Sir Syed Girls High School.
  • Kinza Higher Secondary School(First English Medium School of Lalamusa)
  • SM College of IT, Naved-e-Sehar School, Kinza School, Allied School, Dar-e-Arkam School, The Educators, Alghazali School, City Public School, Kinza School, The little angels school are some private schools in Lalamusa.
  • Montessori Happy Home
  • City Degree College (Boys&Girls)
  • The Educators, Fatima Jinnah Campus
Alam Lohar's Grave in Lalamusa

Notable people from Lalamusa[edit]

  • Ikram Qureshi - He was one of the most famous newsagent of Lalamusa and died on 27 April 2014
  • Muhammad Alam Lohar (1928 – 3 July 1979), (Punjabi, Urdu: محمد عالم لوہار), was one of the most prominent Punjabi folk music singers.
  • Arif Lohar
  • Mian Muhammad Afzal Hayat, former Chief Minister of Punjab and served as ambassador in different countries
  • Qamar Zaman Kaira, former Governor Gilgit-Baltistan, served in various portfolios as Federal minister.[2][3]
  • Tanveer Ashraf Kaira, former Finance minister of Punjab and ex Member Provincial Assembly of the Punjab.[4]
  • Roshan Ara Begum (Urdu: روشن آرا بیگم), a classical singer known as Malika - e - Moseqe. A legendary singer who is recognition of Lalamusa.


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