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Lalandia Rødby

Lalandia is the common name of two Danish holiday resorts owned by Parken Sport & Entertainment. The original Lalandia is located in Rødby, and in 2009 another one opened in Billund.

Lalandia Rødby[edit]

Lalandia Rødby mainly consists of a giant indoor water-fun-land, with four body slides and a wild river. Other activities include: soccer, indoor skating, miniature golf, badminton, tennis and other sport activities. In July 2013, the Aquadome Lalandia Rødby was listed as Denmark's tenth most popular attraction with 512,000 visitors in 2012. Lalandia Billund came in sixth with 620,000 visitors.[1]


Lalandia Rødby was established in 1988 in Rødby, Lolland. Since the establishment it has been expanded several times with more vacation houses.

Lalandia Billund[edit]

Lalandia Billund opened on 24 April 2009. It features a giant aquadome full of slides.


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