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Laldey ( लल्ला दई )[1] also known as Lalded, is a very prominent name among the famous saints, mystics and poets of Kashmir (a state of India). Born in 1355 AD in Kashmir, she is considered a Sufi, a yogi and a devotee of Lord Shiva. Every Kashmiri considers her a wise woman and every Kashmiri has some of her spiritual sayings on the tip of their tongue. Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims affectionately call her 'Mother Lalla', or 'Granny Lalla'.[2]

Laldey was born in Padrethan to a Kashmiri Pandit family. Even as a child Laldey or Lalded was wise and religious-minded. She was married at the age of twelve, but at the age of twenty-six she renounced the world and became a devotee of Lord Shiva. She kept company with Sadhus (saints), and Pirs (poets). In her sayings she dealt with many things from life - Yoga and God, Dharma (righteous conduct) and atma (soul), spirituality and unity. The exact date of her death is not known, as is much of her life. Her sayings, which number about two-hundred, have kept her alive in the hearts of Kashmiris.she was considered a sufi,yogi & a great devotee of shiva. The legend has it that she spent a part of her outdoor life as a nudist.[3]

Osho was deeply impressed by greatness. Only next to Allah (God), he once said, do I hold the position of Lalla (as she is affectionately known to Indians).


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