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Coordinates: 36°46′17.03″N 43°18′12.04″E / 36.7713972°N 43.3033444°E / 36.7713972; 43.3033444

Conical roofs characteristic of Yazidi sites mark the tomb of Şêx Adî in Lalish

Lalish (Kurdish: Laliş, also called Lalişa Nûranî), is a small mountain valley situated in the Shekhan District of Nineveh Province north of Iraq. It is the location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, main figure of the Yazidi faith.

At least once in their lifetime Yazidi's are expected to make a six-day pilgrimage to Lalish to visit the tomb of Şêx Adî, and other sacred places. Yazidi's living in the region are expected to make a yearly pilgrimage to attend the autumn Feast of the Assembly, which is celebrated from 23 Aylūl to 1 Tašrīn I.