Lambert McKenna

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Lambert McKenna
Born 16 July 1870
Clontarf, County Dublin, Ireland
Died 27 December 1956
Occupation Jesuit Priest,
Lexicographer, Editor and

Lambert McKenna S.J. (Irish: An tAthair Lámhbheartach Mac Cionnaith) (16 July 1870 – 27 December 1956) was a Jesuit priest and writer.

He was born Andrew Joseph Lambert McKenna in Dublin and studied in Europe. He collected and edited religious and folk poetry in the Irish language. Working with the Irish Texts Society, he edited the famous Contention of the bards and many anthologies of Irish bardic poetry and historical works. He is a former editor of the Irish Monthly and An Timire. McKenna is a former principal of Belvedere College in County Dublin.[1]

He was awarded an honorary Doctorate for his contribution to Celtic Studies (D. Litt. Celt) by UCD in 1947 on the same day that Jack Butler Yeats was also awarded an honorary Doctorate.


His works include:

  • English-Irish Phrase Dictionary (1911)
  • The Church and Labour:Series of Six Tracts (1913–14)[2]
  • Dánta do chum Aonghus Fionn Ó Dálaigh (1919)
  • Iomarbháigh na bhfileadh (1918–20)
  • The Social Teachings of James Connolly (1920)
  • Dán Dé (1922)
  • Life and Work of Rev. Aloysius Cullen S.J. (1924)
  • Philip Bocht Ó hUiginn (1931)
  • English-Irish Dictionary (1935)
  • Dioghluim Dána (1938)[3]
  • Athdioghluim Dána (1939–40)
  • Bardic Syntactical Tracts (1944)
  • Leabhar Méig Shamhradháin (1947)
  • Leabhar Í Eadhra (1951)