Lamborghini Concept S

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Lamborghini Concept S

The Lamborghini Concept S is a concept car designed by Luc Donckerwolke,[1][2] using the Lamborghini Gallardo's floorplan. Shown at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. It was intended to be a modern interpretation of the single-seat roadsters of the past. Utilizing a 'saute-vent' (French for 'change wind') instead of a traditional windscreen, and dividing the interior into two distinct compartments by continuing the bodywork between the seats, which also serves as an air inlet feeding the mid-mounted 5 L V10 engine, gives the car a distinctly futuristic look. This is also to increase aerodynamic flow. The rear-view mirror is even electronically retractable to allow the driver to see behind, when necessary, or hide it when not in use. Though considered more of a styling exercise than a working production vehicle, the final working show car only had to be modified slightly from the original computer-aided designs. Lamborghini had rumored to be building 100 for customers, but decided to keep it as a styling exercise. Only 2 models were ever made: the high-window prototype sits in the Lamborghini museum with no engine, while the running low-window prototype featured at Pebble Beach is rumored to remain elsewhere in the factory.


  • Year: 2005
  • Make: Lamborghini
  • Model: Concept S
  • Engine: 5 liter V10
  • Transmission: 6-Speed manual/6-Speed sequential E-gear system
  • Drive: Mid-ship AWD
  • Introduction: 2005 Geneva Motor Show
  • Engine: Configuration V
  • Cylinders: 10
  • Aspiration/Induction: Normal
  • Displacement: 4,961 cc (4.961 L; 302.7 cu in)
  • Horsepower: 500 PS (370 kW; 490 hp)@7800rpm
  • Torque: 510 N·m (380 lb·ft)@4500rpm
  • hp/liter: 98.8 bhp / liter
  • Redline: 8000 rpm
  • Seating Capacity: 2
  • Top Speed:325 km/h (202 mph)


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