Lamma Winds

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Lamma Winds
Lamma wind turbine 1.JPG
Lamma Winds is located in Hong Kong
Lamma Winds
Location of Lamma Winds in Hong Kong in Hong Kong
Location Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°13′30″N 114°7′14″E / 22.22500°N 114.12056°E / 22.22500; 114.12056Coordinates: 22°13′30″N 114°7′14″E / 22.22500°N 114.12056°E / 22.22500; 114.12056
Commission date 23 February 2006
Owner(s) Hongkong Electric
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Wind
Power generation
Units operational 1
Nameplate capacity 800 kW

Lamma Winds (Chinese: 南丫風采發電站) is a wind farm in Tai Ling, Lamma Island, Hong Kong where the average wind velocity is 5.5 m/s.[1]

Built near the Lamma Power Station and owned by Hongkong Electric, on average it provides slightly over 100 kW of power[2] to Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island.

Technical details[edit]

Lamma Winds began operating on 23 February 2006, and was the first commercial-scale wind turbine in Hong Kong. The wind turbine is a Nordex N50/800 kW model with a rotor diameter of 50 metres (160 ft), a nameplate capacity of 800 kilowatts (1,100 hp)[3] and a capacity factor of about 13%[4] which delivers an average output of around 100 kilowatts (130 hp). It can generate enough power for approximately 250 households in ideal conditions,[5] though typically considerably fewer. Before the construction of the wind turbine, Environmental Resources Management of Hong Kong analyzed its environmental impacts, and predicted no significant adverse effects.[6]

Exhibition centre[edit]

Lamma Winds is one of the relatively few commercial-scale wind turbines in the world that is open to the public. An exhibition centre surrounds the base of the wind turbine, and is open daily from 7 AM to 6 PM, including weekends and holidays.[7] Access to the exhibition center is by foot; the walk from Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier takes about 40 minutes.[8]

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