Lamongan Regency

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For a volcano in Indonesia, see Mount Lamongan.
Motto: Memayu Raharjaning Praja that means Realization of Lamongan society that prosperous, progressive, harmonious, peaceful, fair and good behavior
Coordinates: 7°07′S 112°25′E / 7.117°S 112.417°E / -7.117; 112.417Coordinates: 7°07′S 112°25′E / 7.117°S 112.417°E / -7.117; 112.417
Country  Indonesia
Province East Java
Capital Lamongan
 • Regent H. Fadeli, SH
 • Total 1,812.20 km2 (699.69 sq mi)
Elevation + 5 m (16 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Total 1,236,000
 • Density 680/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zone +7
6°51'54" - 7°23'6" south, 122°4’44" - 122°33'12" east

Lamongan is a regency (kabupaten) of East Java, Indonesia, with an area of 1,182.2 km2 (456.4 sq mi).[dubious ]

Lamongan Regency is surrounded by:

The economy is mainly supported by agriculture, fishery, and commerce, especially home industry.

Paciran Port[edit]

On April 29, 2013 (Class I ASDP) Paciran Port is officially opened to support overloaded Tanjung Perak Port.[1]