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Lance Charles Curtis was a popular Australian actor, writer and comedian who became well known in Australia in the early 1980s through his many radio, TV and film appearances. He was best known for his work on Triple J's Off The Record and The J-Team with comedians Angela Webber and Adam Bowen and presenters Jonathan Coleman, Ian Rogerson and Rusty Nails, and for his comic partnership with satirist Geoff Kelso, which included their collaboration on Double J's Doctor Who sendup Doctor Poo, which ran from 1979-81[1] (not to be confused with the 1996 Viz comic strip of the same name).

In the early 1980s, Curtis also appeared as the title character in the regular segment Wayne at Work which featured in the Donnie Sutherland-hosted music programme Sounds.

One of Curtis' final screen performances was a minor role as a nosy neighbour in the 1985 movie Rebel, which starred Matt Dillon and Debra Byrne.

Lance Curtis died 9 June 1985 as the result of an accidental fall from a balcony in Sydney, whilst hosting a party at his own residence.[1]


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