Lance Garvin

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Lance Garvin
Background information
Origin U.S.
Genres Christian Metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums
Associated acts Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced

Lance Garvin is a founding member of the well known and highly influential Christian metal band Living Sacrifice. The band is well known throughout the Christian metal community as one of the most important Christian metal bands to date. Living Sacrifice (also known as LS), have been acknowledged as having influence over development with such current bands as As I Lay Dying:

"Bands like Living Sacrifice are less "classic" [than Iron Maiden] but I can safely say that we've all been influenced by their brutally mechanic sense of rhythm."

Lance Garvin is notable for his use of the ride cymbal in modern metal. While many metal drummers do not use a ride, Lance consistently finds ways to use it without it making his drumming sound thinner. Garvin is known for his mechanical drumming motions during live shows. In addition to drumming for Living Sacrifice, he helps write guitar parts for songs, even though he does not record them.

Garvin is also known as the drummer of Christian metal band Soul Embraced and has recently played in the band Throwdown as well.

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