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The Lancia Building is the headquarters for the Italian company, Lancia. Located in the northwestern Italian city of Turin, It.


The company in the 1950s produced cars, buses, trucks, motors, spare part and Panel vans. The company had fewer employers and workers than Fiat, but it needed build a place with offices and a place for important decisions. In Turin Lancia had small factories and no so much place for the employers.


At the start of the 1950s the president of the Lancia company, Gianni Lancia, wanted a new headquarters building for the company. In 1953, Gianni Lancia talked with his friend, a renowned Italian architect, Nino Rosani about coming up with a few concepts for a new Lancia headquarters. Within the last three month of 1953, Rosani had a strong vision for the building and devised a plan for a new Lancia Headquarters with his friend and partner Gio Ponti.


The building of "Grattacielo Lancia" or "Palazzo Lancia" in Italy started at the beginning of 1954. To insure a solid foundation they made special plates first than began with the building's armature. This building was considered to be just another modern building in the already very developed center of Turin. In the next year, the building didn't get much attention because it was hard to make out what the building's final form would look like, however, by that time all the ground work had been laid and completion was inevitably closer. In 1956, it had become obvious that the building's completion was close at hand. The building also started to become one of the larger attractions in the Italian automobile world. In 1957, finally Lancia's new headquarters had been finished.


From 1957 to 1969 the building was the property of Lancia, a place with a special feeling for the fans of the brand. In 1969, the building was purchased by Fiat and was used for other automobile brands. In 2008, the building was sold by Fiat and became private property.

Coordinates: 45°03′40″N 7°38′29″E / 45.06111°N 7.64139°E / 45.06111; 7.64139