Lanco Infratech

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Lanco Infratech Limited
Type Public company
Industry Energy
Founded 1986
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Number of locations Global
Key people Lagadapati Madhusudhan
Lagadapati Rajagopal
Products Natural gas
Real estate
electricity generation
Revenue US$ 2.3 billion (2014)[1]
Employees Over 6500

Lanco Infratech (Lagadapati Amarappa Naidu and Company Infratech) is a large Indian business conglomerate involved in construction, power, real estate, and several other segments. In 2010, the group of companies was listed among the fastest growing in the world.[2] In 2011, the group became the largest private power provider in India.[3]


Lanco was founded by a businessman Lagadapati Amarappa Naidu and his son Lagadapati Rajagopal, who was a member of 15th Lok Sabha representing Vijayawada. While Rajagopal remains inactive, his brother Lagadapati Madhusudan Rao is the executive chairman. Another brother Sridhar Lagadapati, was involved with the company in the early years, but now heads the related entertainment business, Larsco.

Lanco grew at a tremendous pace since the early 1991s.Initial growth was driven by large contracts primarily in construction. Later, other infrastructure areas such as power generation, transportation etc. were also added.

2011: Largest Indian Power producer[edit]

The company stock saw sharp declines starting September 2010, possibly owing to low confidence together with high debt.[4] However, the clearance of the environmental licence for the group company Lanco Vidarbha Thermal Power, resuscitated confidence in the stock.[5] The license is for setting up 1320 MW Coal power plant in Maharashtra.

In March 2011, Lanco commissioned the state C of Anpara Thermal Power Station and became India's largest independent power producer with a generation capacity of 3.3 GW, overtaking Tata Power's capacity of 3GW.[3] At this stage it had another 7000+ MW under construction and 10000+ MW under Development and is heading towards successful completion of its Vision of 15,000+ MW by 2015.

In the same month, Lanco acquired Griffin Coal, an ailing Australian mine producing about 5 million tons p.a., for A$730 million .[6] This decision has been questioned in the business media as the acquisition is under serious financial trouble.[7]

Debt Restructuring[edit]

In June 2013, Lanco had won a contract for setting up two 300W power plants in Gujarat. However, the contract was cancelled in October 2013, when the company failed to put up the 10% guarantee required in the contract. [8]

By July 2013, the company had filed for debt restructuring, citing a business slowdown.[9] In September, it was revealed that the company had cut down its employees by nearly half.[10] In December 2006, the company won a large contract citing a collaboration with Singapore firm Globeleq.[11][12]

In 2007, after winning the bid for the 1000MW Anpara-C power plant, Lanco requested that the power output be re-negotiated. Some competing firms protested[13] since the re-negotiation process made the initial bidding meaningless. However, Lanco managed to retain the Anpara project.[14] Repeatedly tarnished by charges of corrupt practices[11][13][15][16][17][18] the company ran into financial trouble and has filed for Corporate Debt restructuring[19] in July 2013.[20] [20][21]


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