Commander Forces Command (Australia)

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Commander Forces Command of the Australian Defence Force
(Australian Army)
Australian Army Emblem.JPG
Michael Slater

since November 2011
Style Major General
Inaugural holder David Morrison

Commander Forces Command (COMD FORCOMD) is a senior Australian Army appointment created in July 2009. The incumbent holds the rank of Major General (Australia) (two-star rank).

The position was created by the merging of the previous Land Commander Australia (LCAUST) and Commander Training Command (COMD TC-A) positions.


The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of Commander Forces Command or its preceding positions. Rank and honours are as at the completion of the individual's tour(s).

Rank Name Post-
Term began Term ended
Land Commander Australia
Major General O'Donnell, LawrenceLawrence O'Donnell AO 1986 1987
Major General Arnison, PeterPeter Arnison AO 1994 1996
Major General Hickling, FrankFrank Hickling AOCSC 1996 1998
Major General Hartley, JohnJohn Hartley AO 1998 2000
Major General Abigail, PeterPeter Abigail AO 2000 2002
Major General Hurley, DavidDavid Hurley AODSC December 2002 December 2003
Major General Gillespie, KenKen Gillespie AODSCCSM January 2004 July 2005
Major General Kelly, MarkMark Kelly AO July 2005 December 2008
Major General Morrison, DavidDavid Morrison AM December 2008 July 2009
Commander Forces Command
Major General Morrison, DavidDavid Morrison AO July 2009 June 2011
Major General Sengelman, JeffreyJeffrey Sengelman DSCAMCSC June 2011 November 2011
Major General Slater, MichaelMichael Slater AODSCCSC November 2011 Present

Forces Command[edit]

Forces Command is the primary command for the land forces of the Australian Army.[1]


2 Division 1 Brigade 3 Brigade
6 Brigade 7 Brigade 16 Aviation Brigade
17 Combat Service Support Brigade


Training Command[edit]

Headquarters Training Command was the headquarters of the Australian Army's Training Command (TC-A), which was one of the Army's three commands. The other two where Land Command and Special Operations Command. In 2002 it relocated from Georges Heights, Sydney to Victoria Barracks, Sydney.[2][3][4]

In 2010 Training Command merged with Land Command to form Forces Command.


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