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For the defunct theme park formerly located in Upper Jay, New York, see Land of Makebelieve.
Land of Make Believe
Land of Make Believe's logo
Location Hope, New Jersey, USA
Coordinates 40°54.122′N 74°57.542′W / 40.902033°N 74.959033°W / 40.902033; -74.959033Coordinates: 40°54.122′N 74°57.542′W / 40.902033°N 74.959033°W / 40.902033; -74.959033
Opened 1954 (1954)
Operating season May–September
Area 30 acres (12 ha)
Total 33
Roller coasters 1
Water rides 9

The Land of Make Believe is a family amusement park catering mostly to children under 8 years of age. Opened in 1954, it is located in Hope Township, New Jersey, United States.[1] It centers itself around "Safe and wholesome recreation", with entertaining rides and attractions that are enjoyed mostly by children under 8 but also has some attractions for people of all ages but not so extreme that it scares off young children mixed in. The Land of make believe is located on County Route 611, two miles from exit 12 off of Interstate 80.

Some of its most prominent attractions are the civil war train (which loops around most of the park), the Buccaneer Pirate & Wading Pool, and the Black Hole waterslide. The Land of Make Believe has many of the standard amusement park rides like a junior sized roller coaster, and a Tilt-A-Whirl as well more unique attractions like a hay ride and a petting zoo. Some more of the water attractions include the Pirates Plunge, Blackbeard's Pirate Fort, The Sidewinder, Blackbeard's Action River Ride, and three waterslides.

Train at Land of Make Believe

Initially, the park featured only attractions for small children, adding some water attractions for children in the late 1980s. In the past 10 years, the park has begun to add rides that adults can enjoy but yet are not too extreme for children. These included standard intermediate adult flat rides found in carnivals and amusement parks as well as larger waterslides found in major waterparks. The park is similar to what Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana was back in the early 1990s.


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