Landi Yarghajo

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Landi Yarghajo Peshawar
arbab landay
Landi Yarghajo Peshawar is located in Pakistan
Landi Yarghajo Peshawar
Landi Yarghajo Peshawar
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°58′46″N 71°32′41″E / 33.97944°N 71.54472°E / 33.97944; 71.54472Coordinates: 33°58′46″N 71°32′41″E / 33.97944°N 71.54472°E / 33.97944; 71.54472
Country  Pakistan
District Peshawar District
Province North-West Frontier Province

Landi Yarghajo (Urdu:لنڈی یارغجو) (from Yar-gha-jo, "point where five rivers or roads meet") or Landi Arbab (Urdu: لنڈی ارباب) is a village in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is 15 minutes drive away from Peshawar International Airport and Peshawar Saddar. The village is largely populated by Ahmad Zia, Qazi, Arbab, Fateh Khan Khel and Ghorghust groups. It is the only village in the area that provides direct routes to Ring Road Peshawar, Peshawar City, Gulberg[disambiguation needed] Peshawar, Peshawar Saddar, Peshawar cant, Peshawar International Airport, Kohat Road, Barra-gate, and University Road Peshawar. The village is very famous for its Chapli-kabab. There is a high demand of its Chapli-kabab in the Middle East. The village generates its economy mainly from agriculture and small industries.


In Landi Yarghjo there are a few historical places, including the Bachai Lara ("Royal Path"), said to have been traveled by a Mughal emperor. Another historical place in the village is Ghazi Baba, a Sufi saint tomb, situated beside Bachai Lara. According to legend, Ghazi Baba was mortally wounded in a battle in ancient times, and was carried away by his horse to Bachai Lara where he died. Formerly, an urs (Sufi saint death anniversary) ceremony was held at his tomb, but the practice is defunct.. During the 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, the village was bombed by Indian aircraft in response to small-arms fire coming from the village. The village is also home to Afghan Pashtuns who migrated there, particular during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s. The village gained public attention when engineers Qazi Jamshed and Qazi Sajjad flew over the suburbs of Peshawar in 1985, using the first home-made power glider in Pakistani aviation history.


The residents living in the village are primarily Pashtuns, speaking Pashto as their native language. The village is also home to Afghan Pashtuns who migrated here.