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Landmark Marketing
Founded 1986
Founder Ron Szpatura
Country of origin  United States
Distribution U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Official website [1]

Landmarks Marketing is an American travel publishing company that provides travelers with information about the region in which they are visiting through publications placed in hotels and businesses. Such services include a hard bound, in-room publication, the Visitor's Channel playing on in-room televisions, a key card welcome folder, and internet visitor services.[1] These publications list major interests to visitors across 50 cities in the American Mid-Atlantic Region including dining, shopping and more. The company, headed by Ron Szpatura, is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland.[2] Landmarks was awarded the Maryland Hotel and Lodging Association Allied Member of the Year Award in 2006[3] and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. The company reaches over 25 million guests annually with its various products.[4] According to government records, Landmark Marketing Inc is not currently active as a corporation.


  • Landmarks distributes tourist information to travelers through the following products.
  • Landmarks Great Deals[5] - Daily Deal site offering travelers, and locals 50% off their favorite dining, activities, and shows around town.
  • Half-Off at the Beach[6] - Daily Deal site, acquired April 2014, specializing in deals located in Delaware Beaches, and Ocean City, Maryland.
  • In Room Publication - This guide book is located in hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.
  • Video and L.I.V.E - Shown in hotel rooms with Landmarks’ 30-minute Visitor Channel programs.
  • Landmarks Great Deals" - Daily Deals Email promotions for local businesses.
  • Internet - "Find articles, complete directory listings, photographs and surveys to help travelers," according to[7]
  • Exclusively - Recognizes the leaders in the community, in partnership with Jordan Publishing, and benefits local charities.[8]


"In 1986 Landmarks was created by Founder and President, Ron Szpatura. The original product was a magazine-style publication that developed into to a four color hard bound publication. It was placed in 6,000 rooms in the Annapolis and surrounding area creating an annual readership of over 2 million visitors.

In 2000, the Landmarks hard bound publication ventured out to Szpatura’s alma mater, the University of Virginia, creating Landmarks of Charlottesville. From there Ocean City, Maryland; Rehoboth and Wilmington, Delaware. Within three years 8 publications were being produced on an annual basis and nearly 100,000 rooms were hosting a Landmarks book, creating over 20 million Landmarks readers.

In 2001, Landmarks' Visitors Channel began. A dedicated channel is used in the hotel to play a 30 minute video, reset on a continuous loop, that is centrally located in the hotel and cabled out to each room through the TV system.

In 2006, an internet service with traveler information was added to Landmarks' product line as well as the Key Card booklet.

In 2008 the Prestige Partnership was added to share a different, business viewpoint of the area to visitors staying in the hotel rooms.

In 2009, Landmarks LIVE was created which plays in hotels in markets that have Landmarks’ Visitor Channel. Landmarks LIVE provides guests with information including weather and local events."[9]

In 2010, Landmarks Great Deals was launched, offering daily deals to local businesses and restaurants with a general savings of 50%.[10]

In 2012, Landmarks acquired C-Ville Saver to penetrate the Charlottesville market with their Landmarks Great Deals website.

In 2014, Landmarks acquired HalfOff at the Beach, a local favorite of Delmarva, and Delaware Beach to enhance inventory as well as expand their reach to the market along the East Coast Beach towns.

History timeline[edit]

  • 1986-Landmarks embarks with maps of the area
  • 1990-Landmarks produces soft cover publications*1995-Landmarks changes to a hardbound book
  • 1999-Landmarks expands markets in Mid-Atlantic
  • 2000-Landmarks adds the Visitor Channel
  • 2004-Landmarks adds the Prestige Partnership
  • 2006-Landmarks adds Internet site (now [2]
  • 2007-Landmarks sees 26% increase in sales

Media references[edit]

Ron Szpatura of Landmark Marketing Inc. is mentioned as one of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the mid-Atlantic region by the Baltimore Sun.[11][12] He is also mentioned in the McIntire Exchange newsletter as a successful business owner and alumni.[13]


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