Lane County Sheriff's Office (Oregon)

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Lane County Sheriff's Office
Abbreviation LCSO
Lane county patch.jpg
Patch of the Lane County Sheriff's Office.
Agency overview
Formed 1851
Employees 287
Volunteers 300
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* County (US) of Lane in the state of Oregon, United States
Size 4,622 sq mi (12,230 km²)
Population 351,715
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Eugene, Oregon
Agency executive Thomas M. Turner, Sheriff
Jails 1
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.
West Exposure, Lane County Sheriff's Office

The Lane County Sheriff's Office is the law enforcement agency led by the elected Sheriff of Lane County, Oregon, U.S..


The Sheriff's Office is made up of three divisions. The Corrections Division operates the jail and other programs related to offenders in custody. The Police Services Division responds to calls for service and investigates crimes that occur in the county. The Administrative Division includes sections that are necessary to support the work of both the Corrections Division and the Police Services Division.

Corrections Division[edit]

The Corrections Division is headquartered in the jail at 101 W 5th in Eugene. The jail has physical space to house 507 inmates, but only 326 beds are currently in use due to a lack of funding. [1]

Prior to the passage of a public safety levy in 2013, only 195 beds were in use and the jail released an average of 97 offenders each week to prevent overcrowding. After the levy passed, capacity based releases dropped to 45 offenders per week.[2]

In addition to the jail, the Corrections Division operates the Community Corrections Center. The goal of the CCC is to reduce recidivism by assisting offenders in transitioning back to the community. Offenders housed at the CCC are required to obtain employment and meet their financial responsibilities (including paying the cost of living at the CCC). They have access to programs that assist them with skills such as resume writing, practicing interviews, and submitting employment or college applications. Inmates may also be required to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program.[3]

The Corrections Division operates an Electronic Surveillance Program to monitor some sentenced offenders. In accordance with court orders, offenders assigned to this program are monitored with a GPS ankle braclet. This allows offenders to maintain employment and family responsibilities while being monitored to ensure compliance with sentencing requirements.[4]

Until 2008, the Corrections Division operated a 100 bed Forest Work Camp near Veneta. It was closed due a lack of funding. Inmates assigned to the Forest Work Camp worked on Federal forest projects and provided services to other government agencies and nonprofit groups.[5] Lane County is soliciting proposals from outside groups to make use of the camp property. [6]

Police Services Division[edit]

The Police Services Division is the most visible component of the Sheriff's Office. Responsibilities are divided between the Field Services Section and the Special Operations Section.

The Field Services Section includes uniformed patrol and detectives. Deputies investigate crimes and violations, responds to calls for service within unincorporated Lane County, and provide mutual aid to other public safety agencies in the area. The traffic safety team and county weighmasters fall under the Field Services Section. [7]

The Special Operations Section includes other uniformed patrol duties that require more specialization than regular patrol. Civil Processing, Courthouse Security and Transportation, Search and Rescue, and Drug Eradication efforts are carried out by this section. Additionally, the section handles all activities conducted under contract with an outside agency. Contractual obligations include law enforcement in the cities of Creswell and Veneta, marine patrol under contract with the Oregon Marine Board, dunes patrol under contract with the Oregon State Parks, and forest patrol under contract with the Bureau of Land Management.[8]

Administrative Division[edit]

The Administrative Division includes the sections that support the other divisions of the Sheriff's Office. Emergency Management, Fiscal Services, Office of Professional Standards, Communications, Records, Evidence, and the Training Section all fall under the Administrative Division.[9]

Fallen officers[edit]

Since the establishment of the department, eight officers have died while in the line of duty. Six died between 1903 and 1975 from gunfire, one died from vehicular assault in 1958, and one died of a heart attack in 1979.[10][11]

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