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Lang'ata Constituency is an electoral constituency in Nairobi County, Kenya. It consists of southern and southwestern areas of Nairobi. Langata constituency has common boundaries with Kibera Division of Nairobi. The entire constituency is located within Nairobi City Council area. The constituency has an area of 223 km². It was known as Nairobi South Constituency at the 1963 elections but since 1969 elections it has been known as Langata Constituency.

Kibera, Kenya's largest slum is located in Langata constituency, as are Karen and Langata, some of the most affluent suburbs in Nairobi.

Langata is now represented by Raila Odinga, the former Prime Minister of Kenya. The first Langata MP Joseph Murumbi served as a Vice-President of Kenya from 1966 to 1967. Former Langata MP Philip Leakey was the first white Kenyan MP. Another noteworthy former Langata MP is Mwangi Mathai, former husband of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1963 Joseph Murumbi KANU
1969 Yunis Ali KANU One-party system
1974 Mwangi Mathai KANU One-party system
1979 Philip Leakey KANU One-party system
1983 Philip Leakey KANU One-party system.
1988 Philip Leakey KANU One-party system.
1992 Raila Odinga Ford-Kenya
1997 Raila Odinga NDP
2002 Raila Odinga NARC / LDP
2007 Raila Odinga ODM

Locations and wards[edit]

Location Population*
Karen 13,663
Kibera 117,106
Laini Saba 72,792
Langata 22,555
Mugumoini 49,064
Nairobi West 59,517
Sera Ngombe 66,548
Total 368,274
1999 census.[2]
Ward Registered Voters
Karen/Langata 13,430
Kibera 20,994
Laini Saba 22,786
Mugumoini 13,299
Nairobi West 22,698
Sera Ngombe 25,968
Total 119,175
*September 2005.[3]


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