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Bombay Reef (Chinese: 浪花礁; pinyin: Lànghuājiāo, Vietnamese: đá Bông Bay) is an atoll of Paracel Islands.

Geography and Alternate names[edit]

In Chinese, the reef is alternatively known as "Pengbojiao" (Chinese: 蓬勃礁), or "Qilianyu" (literally "7 key lago") along with six other islands close by. A Chinese-built lighthouse[1] is located here.

Bombay reef (Paracel islands) as viewed from the International space station

Territorial claims[edit]

Bombay reef is presently administered governed by the People's Republic of China and patrolled by the Chinese border police. Chinese sovereignty claim over the atoll is stated according to the Declaration of the Government of the People's Republic of China on the baselines of the territorial sea (May 15th, 1996). It is also claimed by Vietnam.

According to the PRC, four points on Bombay Reef are the baseline points of the Chinese territorial sea.[2]

  1. Langhuajiao(1)16ø 04·4'N 112ø 35·8'E
  2. Langhuajiao(2)16ø 01·9'N 112ø 32·7'E
  3. Langhuajiao(3)16ø 01·5'N 112ø 31·8'E
  4. Langhuajiao(4)16ø 01·0'N 112ø 29·8'E

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Coordinates: 16°04′N 112°35′E / 16.067°N 112.583°E / 16.067; 112.583