Languages of Bulgaria

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Languages of Bulgaria
Official languages Bulgarian
Minority languages Turkish, Greek, Aromanian, Romani and Albanian
Main foreign languages Russian, English, Italian, French
Sign languages Bulgarian Sign Language

The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian. According to the 2001 census, 84.5% of the country's population speak Bulgarian natively.[1] The most significant minority languages are Turkish, spoken by 9.6% of the population, and Romani, which is spoken by 4.1%.[1]

2001 Census[edit]

The 2001 census defines an ethnic group as a "community of people, related to each other by origin and language, and close to each other by mode of life and culture"; and one's mother tongue as "the language a person speaks best and usually uses for communication in the family (household)".[2]

Native Language By ethnic group Percentage By first language Percentage
Bulgarian 6,655,210 83.93% 6,997,000 88.46%
Turkish 746,660 9.42% 663,000 8.62%
Romani 370,910 4.67% 128,000 1.13%
Others 69,000 0.87% 71,000 0.89%
Total 7,928,900 100% 7,928,900 100% [2]


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Bulgarian is the country's only official language. It's spoken by the vast majority of the Bulgarian population and used at all levels of society. It is an Indo-European language, a member of the Slavic linguistic group. Its closest relative is the (Slavic) Macedonian language and these two languages are mutually intelligible.

Bulgarian is written with Cyrillic, which also has been exported to other languages, notably Russian.

Minority languages[edit]


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The Turks constitute the largest minority group in the country. The Turks in Bulgaria are descendants of Turkic settlers who came from Anatolia across the narrows of the Dardanelles and the Bosporus following the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, as well as Bulgarian converts to Islam who became Turkified during the centuries of Ottoman rule.[3][4]


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Aromanian is a minor Romance language that is mostly spoken in Greece and Macedonia. There are about 10,000 speakers in Bulgaria.

Foreign languages[edit]

According to a Eurobarometer survey conducted in 2005 [1], Russian was the most commonly known foreign language in Bulgaria (35% claimed workable knowledge of it), followed by English (23%), Italian and Greek (12%) and French (9%).

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