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The Langworthy Professor is the holder of an endowed chair in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, England.

It was founded by a bequest of £10,000 for the purpose of endowing a professorship of experimental physics by E. R. Langworthy in 1874.[1] It began at Owens College and from 1903/04 to 2004 was a chair at the Victoria University of Manchester, now The University of Manchester.

Previous holders include the Nobel prize winners Ernest Rutherford (1907-19), Lawrence Bragg (1919-37), Patrick Blackett (1937-1953), Andre Geim (2007-2013) and Konstantin Novoselov (2013-). Others were Andrew Lyne (?-2007), Brian Flowers, Arthur Schuster (1888-1907), Samuel Devons. The current holder is Konstantin Novoselov (2013-).


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