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Lansing Bagnall was a British forklift truck manufacturing company.


The company was bought out of bankruptcy in 1943 by Emmanuel Kaye and John R Sharp. At that time the company made petrol and electric, industrial and station platform tractors. Later the company went on to produce forklift trucks. In 1976 Lansing Bagnall acquired the successful private forklift truck manufacturer Henley Forklift.

Lansing Bagnall was acquired by Linde AG in 1989 and now operates under the Linde Lansing brand name. In September 2006 Linde announced their intention to float or sell the materials handling business that includes Linde Lansing.


With the works canteen crowded with the entire workforce today (16th June 2009) the top man of the Kion Group Mr Riske aided by the Chief Financial Officer told the Basingstoke team that all production will stop in Basingstoke within the next 12 months. Electric truck production would transfer to Aschaffenburg while tractor production would transfer to a manufacturing plant in France. The design for new projects would transfer to Aschaffenburg. Marketing, sales, service and local customising would continue in Basingstoke. It was hoped that the electric truck transfer would be complete by the end of 2009 and tractors moved by mid-2010. These painful changes must take place to ensure that the company can survive the ongoing 50% reduction in sales. Heavy trucks will continue to be produced in Merthyr Tydfil.