Lansing River Trail

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Lansing River Trail
Lansing river trail.jpg
Lansing River Trail near Kalamazoo St. and Cedar St. intersection.
Length 13 miles (21 km)[1]
Location Lansing / East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Trailheads MSU campus,
Dietrich Park,
North Lansing
Use Hiking, Running, Biking,
Roller skating
Hiking details
Trail difficulty Easy
Season Year Round
Sights Grand River
Red Cedar River
Hazards Flooding, Overhead clearance

Lansing River Trail is a multiple use, non-motorized trail approximately 13 miles (21 km) long.[1] It runs along the Grand River and the Red Cedar River between Michigan State University and Dietrich Park in northern Lansing.

The trail has a western extension that begins where it splits off at River Point park just south of downtown Lansing and ends in Moores Park. The River Trail South stretches along Sycamore Creek from Potter Park to Maguire Park in southeast Lansing. The stretch from Hawk Island County Park to Maguire Park was completed in 2008.

The River Trail is also home to a number of special events, including the Common Ground Music Festival, the Annual Mayor's Walk, Michigan Run, the Capital City River Run and a number of other city-sponsored activities.


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