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Lara can be a given name or a surname in several languages.


Given name[edit]

Main article: Larissa (name)
Word/name Greek, Russian
Other names
Related names Larissa, Larisa


  • Larissa "Lara" Antipowa, heroine of Doctor Zhivago (played by Julie Christie in the 1965 film), is at the origin of the Russian short name's popularity in modern times
  • Lara Croft, fictional character known from the Tomb Raider series
  • Lara Božić, titular character of the Croatian television series Larin izbor (Lara's Choice)
  • Lara-Su, Knuckle's future daughter from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. She appears in the Mobius 25 Years Later storyline and in its sequel arc, 30 Years Later. Lara-Su will also be the main protagonist in the upcoming Lara-Su Chronicles.

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