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Larissa Lam
Larissa Lam Miso for Life Red Carpet.jpg
Background information
Birth name Larissa Lam
Genres Dance-pop, R & B, Jazz
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer, TV Host
Labels LOG Records

Larissa Lam is a singer, songwriter, Chinese American talk show host, music executive, actress, and producer from Diamond Bar, California. She is an original hosts of the talk show, Top 3, which airs on JUCE TV formerly called, JCTV. She also appears on the JCTV reality show, Cruise with a Cause and Christmas specials at Knott's Berry Farm.

As a singer-songwriter and music composer, a remix version of Larissa Lam's song, "Breathing More" appears in the video game Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2.[1] She has also composed instrumental music for The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dr. Oz Show, TLC, and The Daily 10 on the E! Channel.[2] In 2008, she launched a women's movement called, "Beautiful Faith".[3]

Larissa is known as the "Singing CFO." She was the former Chief Financial Officer of NSOUL Records founded by acclaimed DJ Scott Blackwell.[4]

She was also a lead singer in the group Nitro Praise. She recorded songs for Nitro Praise 5, Nitro Praise Live! and Nitro Praise Christmas 2.[5][6][7] She toured as a member of Nitro Praise alongside Maximillian, JR Barbee and Danielle Pericelli.

Record label[edit]

LOG Records
Founded 2008
Founder Larissa Lam
Genre Dance, EDM, Hip-hop, Rock, R&B, Pop
Country of origin United States
Location Los Angeles
Official website LOG Records Website

Lam is also the founder of her own record label, LOG Records. It was established in 2008 and represents artists in the Dance, EDM, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and R&B genres.

In 2010, Lam executive produced a hip hop album for Only Won. Only Won and Larissa Lam launched a viral music video title "Cantonese Boy"[8] which was a parody of the Grammy winning song American Boy by Kanye West and Estelle. After being seen performing "Cantonese Boy" in Chinatown, Larissa Lam was asked to perform at the 2010 Green Globe Film Awards as they honored Asians in film and entertainment.

In 2012, Larissa produced two songs for Only Won that was released on the video game Sleeping Dogs.

In 2013, Larissa produced the song "JUN BAY" (aka: Get ready) that was featured on the film Dead Man Down[9] and composed original music for the animated film, "The Monkey Prince".[10]

2014 will be the release of her fourth solo album produced by David Longoria titled, "Love & Discovery".

Discography & Releases[edit]

Cat No. Artist Title Date Configuration
1 Larissa Lam On The Way Up 2001 LP
2 Larissa Lam Thankful to be Live 2003 LP
3 Larissa Lam Revolutionary 2005 LP
4 Compilation Beautiful Faith 2008 EP
5 Only Won Lyrical Engineer 2010 LP (Producer)
6 Only Won Crush em Like Godzilla 2011 Single (Producer)
7 Only Won JUN BAY 2012 Single (Producer)
8 Larissa Lam Heading for Sunshine 2012 Single
9 Larissa Lam I Feel Alive 2015 Single
10 Larissa Lam Love & Discovery 2015 LP

She also appears on Gone - Music from the Motion Picture (2002).

Personal life[edit]

In 2008, Lam married hip-hop artist Only Won. The couple currently reside in Pasadena, California.[11]

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