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Lariyar is a small village in Pulwama District, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Many state and central government employees live in the village, and there are two doctors(Dr.Rashid,Dr.Rayies),one engineer(Er.Sartaj Amin), two lecturers(Manzoor Ahmad,Nisar Ahmad),one linguist,many bankers, 12 teachers and a number of businessmen dealing in walnuts.Contractors holdind contracts of PHE and R&B are also eminent(Mohd Iqbal Bhat,Ab .Rashid Mir,Mushtaq Ahmad Shah).The pandits of this village were very intelligent .But due to mass exodus from valley they also went outside and nowadays they are very influential all over india. Among them are some engineers, scientists ,doctors etc. There is a big graveyard which is said to be most pious as the people from other far villages visit this graveyard to donate some food like 'Halwa' and 'Bread' to the local people or the mob present there. Every year people of some far flung village namely 'Gazeryar' visit this graveyard to donate Halwa and Bread in the memory of their deceased's ones as they believe that they were the pious and religious saints.

There is a middle school located outside the village. There are two mosques,a ziyarat .i.e. a shrine and a little temple. This village is divided into six mohallas namely Nai -jamal pura, Basti, Jumpora, Tangpora, Kanpora, Khalalpora and Kadipora. However a little part of one of the other mohalla named Malpora belongs also to it. The rest part of this mohalla belongs to the other neighbouring village named Amlar. The people of this very mohala i.e., Malpora are the people whose profession is to dig graves for the dead of the sourounding several villages. For this service they take different crops like paddy,grass,maize,wallnuts, etc. from time to time as a remuneration or wages from all the homes of different villages including cash. Besides they are expert in making 'Kangri' as they sell them in a large quantity every year at the beginning of winter season to the most parts of the valley. There Kangri is most famous in the whole district i.e., Pulwama and is popular by the name of 'Lariyaer Kanger'. This Kanger is popular because of its strength, stability and design. There is also a small and nice playground aside village known as gooriwan. Children enjoy it a lot and play games especially cricket. There is very high literacy rate in the village.