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Brandon Harrod
Brandon Harrod in Chicago, Illinois
Background information
Born (1980-08-15) August 15, 1980 (age 34)
Origin Frankfort, Kentucky
Genres Folk punk, pop punk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums
Years active 1996-present
Labels Mooster Records, Pop Monster Records, Offsides Records,
Associated acts The Larroquettes, Fancy Dan, Milk Chocolate Break-up
Notable instruments
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums

Brandon Harrod (born August 15, 1980 in Frankfort, KY, United States) is an American folk punk musician who fuses punk and folk influences with subversive story telling that melds into a package reminiscent of the Violent Femmes, Dead Milkmen and the Moldy Peaches. He is also the owner of the record label Mooster Records. Currently residing in Chicago, Harrod has performed with a number of punk and indie rock groups, most recently including The Larroquettes, and is also a solo artist. He is of English and Irish heritage.

Harrod, has been playing music since the age of 12 and has self released 3 albums, "Monster, Me" (2006), "Kuna Fa Dayzzzzz" (2010), on Mooster Records and his most recent "Wide Open Sun" (2010) tells stories of a punk growing up in a small town. Additionally, Harrod has been involved with a number of compilations and independent record labels, all with the spirit of encouraging people to make music part of their own reality.[1]

Harrod mainly distributes his music through independent means like distros[2] and small mail order companies and even in some instances for free.[3]

Harrod has shared the stage with such acts as Akron/Family, Paul Baribeau, Caitlin Rose, David Dondero, Ghost Mice, Joe Jack Talcum(Dead Milkmen), This Bike is a Pipebomb, and Geoff Useless (The Queers, Nobodys, The Guts), Kepi Ghoulie, Kevin Seconds and The Vibrators. Harrod currently resides in Chicago, IL and runs the record label Mooster Records from his home with his wife.

He is also a painter,[4] video artist,[5] and graphic designer[6] by education. Harrod attended Western Kentucky University.


Cristy Road, a Brooklyn, New York based illustrator, provided the cover art for Harrod's album "Collaborate With Your Enemies". Earlier album artwork was completed by Harrod and his wife Nichole.


  • Brandon Harrod - acoustic guitar, vocals

Other members[edit]

  • Nick Clark - drums, percussion
  • Paul Downs - bass, electric guitar, production
  • Jeremy Estes - bass, piano, other assorted instruments
  • Mariah Hasagawa - bass, backing vocals
  • Nichole Harrod - backing vocals
  • Nick Emrich of Bambiraptor - drums on "Kuna Fa Dayzzzzz"

Laromlab plagiarism controversy[edit]

In addition to his band-based activities, Harrod was also the producer behind the Laromlab chiptunes plagiarism. He had just released an album under the name "Laromlab" on the American label Mushpot Records in February 2008 when it was revealed that all of the tracks on the record were made by European chipmusicians in the collective YM Rockerz; specifically Crazy Q, Dubmood, DMA-SC and Lotek Style.[7]

In addition to the use of the YM Rockerz music on his self-titled record, Harrod has admitted to the use of songs by chipmusicians Aleksi Eeben, Goto 80, Ikuma, Gasman and Randomizer.[8]

He had about 39 tour dates across the United States playing these artists' music without their permission, as well as notable radio air play and featured music in podcasts.

Mushpot Records subsequently dropped him from their label. As of July 2008, no legal action has been taken in the matter.



  • Monster: Me (2004) · Mooster Records[9])
  • Kuna Fa Dayzzzzz (2010) · Mooster Records[9])
  • Wide Open Sun (2010) · Mooster Records[9])
  • "The Automatics w/ Brandon Harrod 'Karaoke Party'" (2011) · Mooster Records[9])
  • Collaborate With Your Enemies (2011) Mooster Records[9])

with The Larroquettes[edit]


  • Brandon Harrod/Super Famicom (2004) · (Pop Monster Records[10])


  • "We're Gonna Make It Through This Year If It Kills Us (song: "Even") Offsides Records
  • Misfits Compilation (2005) Popmonster Records
  • The Lotus on PopMonster Records[10] (as part of the band Radio Chinchilla with "Queso Mechinico") and solo "Je Suis Un Alligator"
  • Pop Punx Unite Vol. 1 (2012) OttawaPopPunk


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