Larrabee State Park

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An example of the rocky coastline found at Larrabee State Park.

Larrabee State Park is a state park in Washington, located six miles (10 km) south of the city of Bellingham. It was the first state park to be created in Washington.

The park features a short walk down to a pebble beach with views onto Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands.


Larrabee State Park had its beginnings in 1915, when the Larrabee family donated 20 acres of land to the state with the intent that it be made into a park. In 1923, the new park was officially named after Charles Xavier Larrabee.


Coordinates: 48°39′27″N 122°28′43″W / 48.65750°N 122.47861°W / 48.65750; -122.47861