Larry Dallas

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Larry Dalliapoulos
Larry Dallas 1982.png
First appearance "No Children, No Dogs"
Last appearance "Friends and Lovers" (Three's Company)
"Deeds of Trust" (Three's a Crowd)
Portrayed by Richard Kline
Aliases Larry Dallas
Gender Male
Occupation Used car dealer
Family Diane (Sister)

Larry Dallas is a fictional character on the 1977–1984 ABC sitcom Three's Company, portrayed by Richard Kline. He is based on Larry Simmonds from the British sitcom Man About the House. He lives upstairs from Jack Tripper, Janet Wood, and Chrissy Snow. He is Jack's best friend. He is a womanizer and often lies about his job to impress girls, from being "Playboy's best photographer" to being a doctor, etc., though his actual vocation is a used car salesman. In one episode when being questioned by his landlord Mr. Roper, Larry claimed to have served five years in the United States Marine Corps. Larry is of Greek descent, though this fact and his original last name are mentioned only in the episode where Jack opens "Jack's Bistro", in which he explains that he shortened it to "Dallas" because he "could never spell" Dalliapoulos.

Larry has the distinction of being the only other character besides Jack Tripper to appear on Three's Company and both of its spinoffs, The Ropers and Three's a Crowd. When appearing on Three's a Crowd near the end of its single season, he states that he had moved to Bakersfield due to downturns in the used car business.