Larry Di Ianni

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Larry Di Ianni
54th Mayor of Hamilton
In office
Preceded by Robert E. Wade
Succeeded by Fred Eisenberger
Personal details
Born 1948
Spouse(s) Ginetta (Janet) Paolone

Larry Di Ianni served as mayor of Hamilton, Ontario, from 2003 to 2006.

Early life

Di Ianni immigrated to Canada from Italy as a young boy. Di Ianni has previously worked as a high school teacher and principal. He has been married to wife Janet for 38 years and they have three children, Robert, Paul and Stephanie.

Political history

Di Ianni was first elected to Stoney Creek city council in 1982, where he served until the 2000 amalgamation of Stoney Creek into Hamilton. He then served as a Hamilton councillor until November 2003. When Bob Wade chose to retire from politics Di Ianni ran for mayor. He defeated former provincial NDP cabinet minister David Christopherson in that year’s mayoral election (52% to 39%)).[1]

Di Ianni's major policies included the completion of the Red Hill Expressway, business tax reduction, airport development,[2] improving relations among the amalgamated municipalities,[citation needed] and obtaining additional social service funding from the more senior levels of government.

In the 2008 federal election, Di Ianni was the Liberal candidate in the federal riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, however he lost the race to NDP Incumbent Wayne Marston by a margin of 6,464 votes.

On July 10, 2006 Di Ianni, along with two other unsuccessful candidates, were charged under the Provincial Offences Act of Ontario for violating the Municipal Elections Act of Ontario.[3] On August 24, 2006, he accepted responsibility by pleading guilty for violating the Provincial Offences Act related to accepting inappropriate campaign donations. The Superior Court Justice exercised leniency as he deemed the violations to be unintentional and considered Di Ianni's good community service record. The Justice also likened the violation to a speeding ticket and withdrew the remaining charges.

Di Ianni ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Hamilton in October 2010.[4]

Electoral record

e • d  Summary of the October 25, 2010 Hamilton, Ontario Mayoral Election
Candidate Popular vote
Votes % ±%
Bob Bratina 52,684 37.32% n/a
Larry Di Ianni 40,091 28.40% -14.44%
Fred Eisenberger (incumbent) 38,719 27.43% -15.78%
Michael Baldasaro 2,892 2.05% -1.56%
Tone Marrone 1,052 0.75% n/a
Mahesh Butani 950 0.67% n/a
Glenn Hamilton 949 0.67% n/a
Pasquale (Pat) Filice 768 0.54% n/a
Ken Leach 577 0.41% n/a
Andrew Haines 557 0.39% n/a
Mark Wozny 433 0.31% n/a
Steven Waxman 429 0.30% n/a
Edward Graydon 404 0.29% n/a
Gino Speziale 356 0.25% -0.77%
Victor Veri 313 0.22% n/a
Total Votes 141,174 100%
Registered Voters 353,317 40.45% +3.2%
Note: All Hamilton Municipal Elections are officially non-partisan.
Note: Candidate campaign colours are based on the prominent colour used in campaign items (signs, literature, etc.)
and are used as a visual differentiation between candidates.
Sources: Hamilton, Ontario City Clerk's Office
2006 Hamilton, Ontario municipal election, Mayoredit
Candidate Total votes  % of total votes
Fred Eisenberger 54,110 43.21
Larry Di Ianni 53,658 42.84
Diane Elms 9,459 7.55
Michael Baldasaro 4,520 3.61
Gino Speziale 1,274 1.02
Steve Leach 1,250 1.00
Martin S. Zuliniak 968 0.77
Total valid votes 125,239 100.00
2003 Hamilton, Ontario municipal election, Mayoredit
Candidate Total votes  % of total votes
Larry Di Ianni 70,539 50.92
David Christopherson 54,298 39.20
Dick Wildeman 4,462 3.22
Michael Peters 3,270 2.36
Tom Murray 2,881 2.08
Michael Baldasaro 2,569 1.85
Matt Jelly 510 0.37
Total valid votes 138,529 100.00