Larry Pierce (singer)

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Larry Pierce
Origin Indianapolis, Indiana
Genres Comedy, country
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Acoustic guitar
Years active 1991-present
Labels Hyena Records[1]
Hat Light Recordings
Busted Records

Larry G. Pierce (born July 18, 1950) is an American comedic-country music singer.

Early life[edit]

Pierce has lived most of his life in the small central Indiana town of Middletown. Pierce spent most of his life working in an auto parts factory, then after 30 years was forced into retirement due to the closing of the plant. While working in the plant Pierce would day dream about funny songs created from everyday conversations he would hear. Pierce decided to write his first dirty song as kind of a joke, the song was titled "Love Letters". After "Love Letters", Pierce began writing more songs with dirty lyrics and would play guitar and sing the songs entertaining friends on the weekend.


In 1993, someone (unknown to Pierce) submitted some of his songs to Laughing Hyena Records,[1] a label that specializes in truck stop comedy, mainly distributed at truck stops across the United States. Shortly after the submission of the demo tape, Pierce began recording for Laughing Hyena Records, churning out 13 albums in 10 years. Each and every album packed with Pierce's unique style of dirty country music. During this time, unbeknown to him, Pierce developed a respectable size fan base across the United States, all without touring or any radio air play.

In 2003, he was approached by an independent film company from New York City (Milkhouse Productions) to do a full length documentary on his life and career as a dirty country singer "Dirty Country Movie --The Larry Pierce Story".[2] As if this news wasn’t exciting enough, in 2005 a raunchy touring rock band from Colorado Springs (itis) asked Pierce to do a live show with them in Minneapolis. Following the success of Pierce's first live show, outside of his hometown, Pierce and (itis) traveled the United States performing Pierce's brand of raunchy country music to sometimes stunned audiences. Taking a break from touring, Pierce recorded his fourteenth studio album called Pussywhipped. Pussywhipped was the first album to be released on Pierce's new label Hat Light Recordings and featuring his new-found band (itis). While recording Pussywhipped, Pierce received a call from The Howard Stern Show, he was then informed that his song "Good Hard Fuckin" was one of Howard Stern’s favorite songs.

On January 9, 2007 Pierce made his first appearance on The Howard Stern Show and announced the release of Pussywhipped on the show. Since then, Pierce has become somewhat of a regular on the show, including phone-ins and live appearances, while his music is often played coming in and out of radio breaks. Pierce continues to live up to his moniker as "The Master of Dirty Country Music", by continuing to record and sing his unique brand of dirty country music.

Live performance[edit]

Usually accompanied by his band (itis), Pierce's live performances exemplify his unique brand of dirty country music. Oftentimes hilarious antics by band members and the use of props complete the set. Pierce also performs acoustic solo shows, armed with just his acoustic guitar branded “Pussy” and his signature hat. In either setting he entertains audiences who are sometimes shocked by the lyrics. Shocked or not, Pierce likes to remind his audiences that the songs are all done in good fun and are about no one in particular.



Year Album
1991 Porno Country Party
1993 Locker Room Songs
Hard Hat Hits
1994 Songs For Studs
Nasty Country Songs
1995 Fertility Songs
Tank Top Tunes
Bedroom Songs
Party Tunes
1996 Macho Melodies
Horny Hits
1997 Dirty Old Man
2003 I Want to Be a Pimp
2004 Best of Larry Pierce
2007 Pussywhipped
2008 Unplugged – Live in Manhattan
Hard Hat Hits/Macho Melodies/Fertility Songs – Reissue
Locker Room Songs/Tank Top Tunes – Reissue
Party Tunes/Bedroom Songs - Reissue
2009 Sick Minded Bastard


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