Lars Bergendahl

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Lars Bergendahl
Lars Bergendahl Chamonix 1937 - 2.jpg
Medal record
Men's cross country skiing
World Championships
Gold 1937 Chamonix 18 km
Gold 1937 Chamonix 4 x 10 km
Gold 1939 Zakopane 50 km
Silver 1938 Lahti 4 x 10 km
Bronze 1938 Lahti 50 km

Lars Bergendahl (January 30, 1909 – June 22, 1997) was a Norwegian cross country skier who competed during the 1930s.

He won several medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. In 1937, Bergendahl earned golds in the 18 km cross country event and 4 x 10 km relay. In 1938, he earned a silver in the 4 x 10 km relay and a bronze in the 50 km Cross country event. In 1939, Bergendahl won the 50 km cross-country skiing event. Bergendahl won the men's 50 km at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 1940. Because of his successes, Bergendahl was awarded the Holmenkollen medal in 1939 (Shared with Sven Selånger and Trygve Brodahl.). His uncle, Lauritz, won the medal in 1910.

Bergendahl fought in the Norwegian Campaign following the German invasion of Norway in 1940. Together with other sportsmen Bergendahl served in the improvised ski unit Sørkedalen Company (Norwegian: Sørkedalen kompani) in April 1940.[1]


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