Las Tontas No Van al Cielo

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Las tontas no van al cielo
Las tontas no van al cielo.jpg
Created by Enrique Torres
Written by Enrique Torres
Miguel Vega
Palmira Olguín
Directed by Felipe Nájera
Rodrigo Hernández
Starring Jaime Camil
Jacqueline Bracamontes
Valentino Lanús
Sabine Moussier
Julio Alemán
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibañez
Opening theme "Esto Es Lo Que Soy" by Jesse & Joy
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 140
Executive producer(s) Rosy Ocampo
Editor(s) Norma Ramirez
Crolina Lopez
Location(s) México DF, Acapulco, Guadalajara (2008)
Cinematography Alejandro Álvarez Ceniceros
Gabriel Vázquez Bulman
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release 11 February 2008 – 22 August 2008
Preceded by Yo amo a Juan Querendón
Followed by Un gancho al corazón
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Las tontas no van al cielo (Spanish pronunciation: [las ˈtontaz no ˈβan al ˈsjelo], Dumb Girls Don't Go to Heaven or as an English saying, Bimbos Don't Go to Heaven) is an original Mexican telenovela that began airing on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas, beginning 11 February 2008. The novela is a production of Rosy Ocampo and starring Jacqueline Bracamontes, Jaime Camil, and Valentino Lanús.


Cándida "Candy" Morales Alcalde is a beautiful young girl filled with dreams and hopes for her future. At her 15th birthday party she meets the man of her dreams - Patricio Molina Lizárraga, who became later her husband. On the day of their wedding, Candy finds out that Patricio cheated on her with her sister, Alicia. Angry and hurt, she leaves him and goes to Guadalajara with her uncle, Manuel. She decides to fake her death to her family and Patricio to start a new life. Later she realizes that she is pregnant with Patricio's child. After she finds out, her newborn son is what gives her hope for the future, and he becomes the reason she lives.

Meanwhile, Santiago López Carmona, a plastic surgeon, tries to build a family with his career-driven wife, Paulina. She leaves him with their daughter, Rocio, and he becomes highly disappointed in love. Therefore, he begins to sleep with many different women without making any emotional connection with them. When he meets Candy, he is determined to romance her in order to take her to bed, but he quickly discovers how special Candy really is and falls in love with her.

Though they first dislike each other, as time passes, Candy takes a liking to Santiago and attempts to have a relationship with him. However, this becomes difficult when their children, and their exes do everything in their power to prevent their happiness.



When the telenovela was presented to the media, local press revealed that Jalisco's Governor, Emilio González Márquez, invested 38 million Mexican pesos (3.5 million dollars) in order to help with the production of this telenovela, and also gave Televisa all facilities to develop the telenovela in Guadalajara and other Jalisco towns (Tlaquepaque and Chapala, amongst others). The main reason was "Jalisco´s promotion".

The telenovela has shown various scenes taking place in Guadalajara and Jalisco, including the landscapes of Guadalajara and cameos of places like Guadalajara's Cathedral, the Arcos del Milenio and Lake Chapala.

The telenovela also shows stamps from Mexico City, Acapulco and Las Vegas.

In the later episodes of the telenovela, very little footage of Guadalajara was shown. Indeed, in a chapter where Candy and Santiago went to see a concert of French singer Alizée, they went to see her performance in Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional instead of Guadalajara´s Auditorio Telmex.

International broadcasts[edit]

Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s)
 Philippines Las Tontas ABS-CBN
 Spain Las Tontas No Van al Cielo Antena
 Hungary Las Tontas No Van al Cielo Story 4
 Brazil As Tontas não Vão ao Céu SBT
 Romania Las Tontas No Van al Cielo AcasaTv
 Slovenia Las Tontas No Van al Cielo POP TV
 United Kingdom Las Tontas No Van al Cielo TV3 Lithuania
 El Salvador Las Tontas No Van al Cielo Canal 2 of El Salvador
 Serbia Candy TV Avala (cancelled)
 United States Las Tontas No Van al Cielo Univision
  • "Las Tontas", shortened from the original title, was successfully launched in in the Philippines last 21 July 2008 dubbed in Tagalog until 19 December 2008. Encore episodes also air on 5 January 2009 via Studio 23 an ABS-CBN UHF channel, after the finale of main channel.
  • It has also been available in Spain on Antena
  • Las Tontas started airing in Hungary on Story 4 at 16:40 pm
  • Las Tontas started airing in Rumania on AcasaTv at 10:30 pm
  • Las Tontas started airing on Univision after the finale of Querida Enemiga
  • Las Tontas started airing on POP TV Slovenia after the finale of Marina
  • Las Tontas began airing on TV3 Lithuania since 17 March 2009 and it's called "Naivuolė".
  • Las Tontas began airing on Canal 2 of El Salvador since April 2008 after the finale of Yo amo a Juan Querendón.
  • Las Tontas started airing on SBT in 19 April 2010 at 4:00 and it's called "As Tontas não Vão ao Céu".
  • Las Tontas started airing in Serbia on TV Avala since 21 March 2011 at 5:00PM and it's called "Candy". Airing is canceled after 40 episodes, so much has been bought from a distributor.


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