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Origin Netherlands
Genres Space disco, Italo disco
Instruments Synthesizer, drum machines
Years active 1984–1995, 2000
Labels Break Records,
Hotsound Records,
ZYX Music
Past members Michiel van der Kuy (1984-1995)
Erik van Vliet (1984-1995, 2000)
Julius Wijnmalen (2000)

Laserdance was a Dutch spacesynth-project that was popular in the 1980s with hits such as "Laserdance", "Power Run" and "Humanoid Invasion". Group members were composer Michiel van der Kuy and producer Erik van Vliet. Michiel van der Kuy's first track for Laserdance was "Goody's Return" in 1984, which was influenced by the demise of the Goody record label. After his first release, Michiel developed his sound further on Laserdance's first LP Future Generation (1987), a concept-album, which became the milestone for the spacesynth sound. The song "Laserdance" was based upon the song "Laserdance" (1979) by the group Sponooch.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Future Generation (1987)
  • Around the Planet (1988)
  • Discovery Trip (1989)
  • Changing Times (1990)
  • Ambiente (1991)
  • Technological Mind (1992)
  • Hypermagic (1993)
  • Fire on Earth (1994)
  • Laserdance Orchestra vol. 1 (1994)
  • Laserdance Orchestra vol. 2 (1994)
  • The Guardian of Forever (1995) - last album composed by Michiel Van der Kuy
  • Strikes Back (2000) - produced with a new composer Julius Wijnmaalen

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