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Lasse Mårtenson after winning the Finnish national final in 1964.

Lars Anders Fredrik "Lasse" Mårtenson (born 24 September 1934) is a Finnish singer, composer, actor and theater conductor.

Mårtenson was born in Helsinki. He performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 with the song "Laiskotellen" ("Idling"). He placed 7th with 9 points. He is best known in his home country as the composer of "Maija from the Storm Skerries", a lyrical tune arranged primarily for piano. His hits include the Finnish version of the song "Jackson" in duet with Carola Standertskjöld, which was included in the list of the songs played in the 2003 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships during the breaks.[1]


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Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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