Last of the Summer Wine (series 22)

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The trio in this series consisted of:

Actor Role
Keith Clifford Billy Hardcastle
Peter Sallis Clegg
Frank Thornton Truly

First appearances[edit]

Herman Teesdale (2001–2010)
Toby Mulberry Smith (aka the Captain) (2001–2010)

Last appearances[edit]

Mrs Avery (2000–2001)
Nora Batty (1973–2001, 2002–2008)

List of episodes[edit]

Title Airdate Description Notes
Getting Barry's Goat 1 April Barry tries to return Tom's goat after it has been left in his garage.
  • Billy becomes a regular character
  • First appearance of Herman Teesdale
  • Audience of 8.52 million - 20th-most-watched programme of the week.
The Art of the Shorts Story 8 April Howard gets into a panic when he cannot find his shorts and is questioned about them by Pearl. Howard enlists Billy's help to provide him with some spare shorts, though perhaps he has failed to appreciate the height difference between them.
  • Audience of 7.17m - 37th most watched programme of the week.
The Missing Bus of Mrs. Avery 15 April Howard is cheerful and Pearl is suspicious. Mrs. Avery is flustered to drive the ladies on their outing.
  • Audience of 5.65m - 49th most watched programme of the week.
Hey! Big Vendor 22 April Wesley's latest invention should prove a big hit at the jumble sale, if only the rude noises it makes could be quietened down! Meanwhile, Clegg, Truly and Billy seek to help Barry improve his standing at the local golf club.
  • First appearance of Toby Mulberry Smith (aka the Captain). Trevor Bannister previously appeared on the series 9 years before as the Tailor in Who's Got Rhythm.
  • Audience of 6.69m - 40th most watched programme of the week.
Enter the Hawk 29 April Barry is interested in a pinstripe suit that he feels will help him look like managerial material. Pearl makes Howard his favourite meal, and Howard becomes suspicious.
  • Audience of 6.16m - 47th most watched programme of the week.
Gnome and Away 6 May Howard recruits Truly and Clegg to hide his latest gift for Marina until he can give it to her. The coffee circle becomes suspicious and attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysteriously shrouded object.
  • Norman Wisdom makes his third guest appearance as Billy Ingleton. Although he is uncredited.
  • Audience of 5.38m - 55th most watched programme of the week.
A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You 13 May When Pearl finds a single blonde hair on one of Howard's shirts he need some assistance to get himself out of trouble enlisting Clegg, Truly and Billy to try to find him a plausible excuse.
  • Audience of 6.54m - 27th most watched programme of the week.
A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter 20 May As Barry and Howard indulge their latest respective passions, a solicitor's letter arrives, addressed to Compo. Truly, Clegg and a nervous Tom venture out to determine whether it's good Yorkshire fortune or a bad bookie debt.
  • Audience of 5.99m - 40th most watched programme of the week.
Why is Barry at an Angle? 27 May Barry has the undesirable task of collecting on a customer's late payment, and the quartet have a little fun at his expense; meanwhile, Howard and Marina find themselves in a stickier-than-normal situation.
  • Audience of 4.86m - 51st most watched programme of the week.
The Coming of the Beast 3 June While a rumour of a roaming tiger worries the townsfolk, Wesley's new toy gives Barry a chance to prove his usefulness in overalls.
  • Last appearance of Nora Batty until the 2002 Christmas special.
  • Final appearance of Mrs. Avery.
  • Norman Wisdom makes his fourth guest appearance as Billy Ingleton
  • Audience of 5.4m - 43rd most watched programme of the week.

2001 Christmas Special[edit]

Title Airdate Description Notes
Potts in Pole Position 30 December
  • June Whitfield makes a guest appearance in this episode, before joining the cast (in a different role) in Series 27. Warren Mitchell also made an appearance in the episode as Whitfield's husband (Not Travis!).
  • Audience of 6.93 million – 44th-most-watched programme of the week.

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