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Studio album by The 77s
Released 2000
Recorded Audio Voyage
Audio Production Group
12 Tone Studios
Le' Oignon
Paradise Studio
Plaid Jacket
Spray Bomb
Genre Rock
Label Fools of the World
Producer The 77s
The 77s chronology
A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows

Late is the title of The 77s' eleventh album, released in 2000 on the band's own Fools of the World label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Unbalanced"
  2. "Sevens"
  3. "The Years Go Down"
  4. "Best I Had"
  5. "Blue Sky"
  6. "Related (Unreleased Jacked Version)"
  7. "Mr. Magoo (Alternate Mix)"
  8. "Flowers In The Sand (Alternate Mix)"
  9. "Outskirts (Alternate Mix)"
  10. "You Still Love Me (Alternate Mix)"
  11. "Honey Run (Instrumental Mix)"
  12. "Shotgun Angel" (Bill Sprouse, jr Cover)
  13. "Go With God, But Go" (Live/Unreleased)
  14. "Perfect Blues" (Live/Unreleased)
  15. "Dave's Blues" (Live/Unreleased)
  16. "Denomination Blues" (Live/Unreleased)

The band[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Carey Avery: Percussion on "Outskirts".
  • Live tracks feature David Leonhardt on guitar & Brian Myers on percussion.

Production notes[edit]