Late Summer Blues

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Late Summer Blues
Directed by Renen Schorr
Produced by

Ilan de - Paris
Renen Schorr

Doron Nesher
Screenplay by Doron Nesher

Yoav Tzafir
Dor Zweigenboim
Shahar Segal
Noa Goldberg

Omri Dolev
Music by Rafi Kadishson
Cinematography Eytan Harris
Release dates
Running time
101 minutes
Country Israel
Language Hebrew

Late Summer Blues is a 1987 Israeli film directed by Renen Schorr. It is a story about a group of Israeli teens in their last summer before army service. They all experience different conflicts about joining the army. One of them cannot join the army because he is diabetic. One of them does not want to join the army because he is a pacifist. Another is conflicted between joining an elite group in the army like his older brothers and joining the army band like his new girlfriend. A fourth is excited to train to be a paratrooper when he is killed in training. As a result of his death, his friends change their high-school graduation play, and launch a protest musical.


Actor Role
Yoav Tzafir (he) Mossi
Dor Zweigenboim Arale
Shahar Segal Margo
Omri Dolev Yossi Tsvillich
Noa Goldberg Naomi
Sharon Bar-Ziv Kobi
Vered Cohen Shosh
Edna Fliedel Principal
Miki Kam Ada
Maxi Nesher Strikovski
Moshe Havazelet Mossi's Father
Ada Ben-Nahum Mossi's Mother

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