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Late for the Sky Production Company is a U.S. based board game production and manufacturing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were founded in 1984. They are best known for their manufacture and production of games based on Monopoly. The company's major product lines include "-opoly" games for nearly sixty major colleges and universities in the United States, and the "City in a Box" games, localized for major U.S. cities. They also have a line of specialty games, and produce custom games for other themes. In addition, they have licensed many of these games to Outset Media for sale in Canada. Outset Media also expanded on the "City in the Box" and -Opoly series in order to produce new games, exclusive to Canada.

Example games[edit]


(City) -opoly games Monopoly-inspired games, produced by Late for the Sky, with boards and rule variations based major cities through the United States. This theme was introduced in the 1990s. Cities include or have included:

College campus games[edit]

Some examples of Late for the Sky's college campus games include:

Specialty games[edit]

Some examples of Late for the Sky's specialty games include:

  • America-opoly
  • Bible-opoly
  • Bird-opoly
  • Boo-opoly
  • Book-opoly
  • Brew-opoly (featuring the buying, selling and trading of beers)
  • Bug-opoly
  • The Cat-In-The-Hat-Opoly
  • Cat-opoly
  • Chocolate-opoly
  • Christmas-opoly
  • Cocktail-opoly
  • Cycling-opoly
  • Deep Sea-opoly
  • Dino-opoly
  • Dog-opoly
  • DIY-opoly
  • Earth-opoly
  • Fairy-opoly
  • Farm-opoly
  • Fishin'opoly
  • Garden-opoly
  • Hold-em-opoly
  • Horse-opoly
  • Ice Cream-opoly
  • Kiss-opoly (Based on the popular rock band)
  • Lighthouse-opoly
  • Monster-opoly
  • Motown-opoly
  • Ocean-opoly
  • Photo-opoly
  • Pirate-opoly
  • Pony-opoly
  • Princess-opoly
  • Puppy-opoly
  • Rodeo-opoly
  • Union Pacific-opoly
  • White Flint-opoly (Based on Maryland's White Flint Mall)
  • Wild Animal-opoly
  • Wine-opoly
  • Zombie-opoly

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